Brunette Boxing starts the fall off with a 10-fight Blast
By Ray Kilgore at Ringside
September 27, 2011

Photo's coming shortly

On Saturday night, Brunette boxing showcased a 10-fight card that kept a decent-sized crowd entertained for over two hours. Admission price was a steal at $10.00 and under, because all evening, the matches provided every fan, regardless of their tastes, with all kinds of action, from pure boxing skills to stoppages to toe-to-toe give and take and heart-thumping slug-fests. And the action started with:

85-pounder Jayden Washington, on the left, of Anoka Coon Rapids Gym took a decision over a relentless Francisco Quetino of Circle of Discipline

In round one, it was clear that neither Washington, nor Quetino was going to give the other any slack, as they took turns trading shots and being the aggressor. Toward the end of the round, Washington did appear to gain the upper hand as he backed Quetino up against the ropes and had his opponent circling, trying to make adjustments.
In round two, Quetino looked as if he had settled down, and he was able to counter Washington effectively at times. Washington never seemed fazed by the blows, however. He retreated several times during the round because of Quetino's aggression, but Washington was able to land several good shots and bloodied Quetino's nose before the end of the first round.
By the final round, fans, who had cheered nonstop, were more even more into the fight, as both boxers continued to throw, risking it all. The blood started flowing from Quetino's nose again, but the young boxer continued to do his best. But as the bout came to an end, Washington proved the stronger of the two, although Quetino never showed signs of giving up.

90-pounder Miguel Gomez, on the left, of Circle of Discipline Stopped a game Cale Bisek of Anoka Coon Rapids in Round Two

250-pounder Terrance Walker, on the right, of Circle of Discipline Took a Decision over Vincent Downwind of Rice Lake, WI, in a Bout That Produced Heavy Leather

Whoever said the heavyweight division lacks excitement hasn't seen either Walker or Downwind fight, because from the outset, both men moved very well, their size not holding them back as they each looked to send the other to sleep early. Downwind started the action by testing Walker with all-out aggression, by landing several good rights. But Walker, who demonstrated a confident demeanor all fight long, countered with his own right and several good jabs as he tried to walk Downwind down.
By round two, it looked like both might hit the canvas, as they took turns trading shots. But by the bell, it seemed that Downwind had gotten the better of the round.
In round three, Walker sealed the fight as he connected with Downwind's head often and worked his body. The action was fast and intense as Walker's constant jabs, bodywork, and right hand seemed to wear Downwind down toward the end of the round. Downwind was backed into the corner often and inhaled deeply at one point, clearly struggling with the fight. But before the end of the fight, Downwind landed a good right that got "woos" from the fans. But Walker took it and put on the pressure, going back to his jab and landing rights until the final bell.

115-pounder Kevin Gauman, on the left, of Circle of Discipline Put on a Sensational Show in Taking a Decision over Hector Martinez of Hastings

Although Martinez was clearly beat in the fight, he gave his all as he started the open by landing good rights and several body blows. But as the first round came to a close, it was evident that Gauman was the slightly better boxer, as he often took advantage of missed blows from Martinez.
In round two, the fight started to widen as Gauman took more control, forcing Martinez to keep his defense high and circling, never fully finding his rhythm. Gauman pinned Martinez to the ropes and landed a hard right that rocked Martinez back. The referee sensed that Martinez was buzzed, called a halt to the action, and gave the fighter a standing eight count. When the action resumed, the pace was much slower, since all Gauman had to do was avoid getting caught with something big.
In the final round, Gauman knew he had taken the bout, as he continued to maintain control, picking his shots until the final bell.

118-pounder Urial Jaquez, on the right, of Anoka Coon Rapids and Edgar Venes of Circle of Discipline Give Fans More Than Their Money's Worth as Jaquez Took a Close Decision Win Over a Relentless Venes

If there were ever a case to be made that amateur boxers deserve some compensation, Jaquez and Venes are the reason. From the opening rounds, the boxers took turns trading and rocking each other. As the fight went on, Venes was able to land a right that should have put Jaquez down, and as he tried to apply pressure, out of no where Jaquez landed a good right followed by a left and another right, forcing the referee to give Venes a standing eight. The action resumed with both boxers going to war.
In round two, Venes got into his groove, landing several blows and another right that got Jaquez's attention. Current Middleweight State Champion Caleb Truax was in attendance and yelled for Jaquez to work the body. The boxer was finally able to follow the champion's advice and slowed the tempo down. But right before the end of the bell, Jaquez's warrior within resurfaced, as both boxers went back to war.
In the final round, the big question was who wanted the fight more, and sitting ringside, it was difficult to tell as both boxers once again took turns trading shots. Jaquez was able to land a solid blow that got the crowed more ramped up, but Venes countered with his own right, which temporarily made Jaquez put on the breaks. As the round ended, Jaquez appeared to get the better of his opponent, as several of his blows snapped Venes' head back.

172-pounder Rocco Guanella, on the right, of Brunette Boxing stopped Justin Heinrick of Rice Street in Round Two

170-pounder Kyle Clemens, on the left, of Believer's Gym Got a Decision over Chris Whipple of Brunette Boxing

In round one, both Whipple and Clemens had their good moments, although it looked as if Clemens had the edge all evening long, his aggression seeming to make the difference. In round two, Clemens continued to out-muscle Whipple, but Whipple showed resolve as he landed several good blows that got the pro-Whipple crowed going.
In the final round, both guys tried to convince the judges that they were the fresher man, and they had brief moments of trading shots. But once again, Clemens looked to get the better of Whipple. Whipple landed many hard rights, but Clemens wasn't bothered by them as he backed Whipple to the far ropes and landed a hard shot just as the bell sounded.

120-pounder Poul Botha, on the right, of Circle of Discipline Lost a Decision to John Guyver of Saint Cloud in a Bout That was Too Close to Call

In round one, Botha took an aggressive stance as he started the round jabbing and looking to counter when Guyver missed. But Guyver, as was the theme of the whole fight card, refused to bend and countered with his own shots.
In round two, the action continued, with times where both boxers stood center ring and traded blows. Even when one was backed into a corner, it was difficult to tell who got the better of the round as they mirrored each other, taking shots to the body and going up to the head.
But in round three, Botha might have edged out the bout, as he seemed to prove himself the better fighter, landing the cleaner blows, which several times forced Guyver to hold. Guyver was able to land a good right, but Botha walked through it and returned with good shots of his own.

130-pounder Santiago Mendoza, on the right, of Brunette Boxing Took a Decision over Ty Nosser of Believer's Gym as Both Boxers Provided Heart-thumbing Action Throughout the Fight

It was unbelievable what Mendoza and Nosser were willing to go through to get the notch in this three-round bout. This was their third fight in which Mendoza took the first two. In round one, in a fight where fans rooted and hollered until the final bell, Mendoza didn't waste any time getting the action started as he moved in and out, trying to land hard right hands. But Nosser came out with his own bad intentions and applied effective pressure of his own as he backed Mendoza to the corner several times and countered with good right hands.
In round two, one fan yelled out, "This should be the main event!" That sentiment was dead on, as Nosser landed a heinous shot that looked like Mendoza might go down. Early on, Nosser was the aggressor, although Mendoza showed life in the second half of the round as he connected with hard rights that snapped Nosser's head back and bloodied his nose badly. Shortly before the round ended, Mendoza once again landed solid shots, and this time Nosser was on the defensive end as he crouched low to avoid the blows. But soon enough, Nosser landed another powerful overhand right which made Mendoza quickly cover.
In the final round, it was too bad that there had to be a winner, because both boxers provided fans with an epic ending. Nosser looked to be the stronger of the two earlier on, and once again, he landed a strong blow, and it looked as if Mendoza might hit the deck as he took a lot of blows in the corner. This was Nosser's most effective round.
Unbelievably, Mendoza hit Nosser with a right that snapped the boxer's had back, rocking the fighter, and Nosser was now the one who looked in jeopardy of going down. Both boxers traded nonstop blows as Mendoza landed the harder punches, causing Nosser's nose to flow with blood once again.

Final Fight, 152-pounder Greg Whalen, on the right, of Saint Cloud Took a Decision over Elias Rubio

In round one, both boxers tried to land good jabs, and both started strong, but it was Rubio who did the better work to take the round.
In round two, Whalen was now the better of the two, as he jabbed effectively and forced Rubio into the ropes often. Rubio tried his best to position himself to land good shots, but Whalen covered up effectively and worked Rubio's body. Rubio managed to land some shots and bloodied Whalen's nose, although the round belonged to Whalen.
In the final round, both men spent lots of time looking for the perfect shot, and it was Whalen who opened up and managed to land the better blows, so much so that Rubio was forced to adjust his headgear all round long. As the fight neared its end, Whalen backed Rubio to the ropes and worked his body, then went upstairs to take the round.

A Special Note:

This writer would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Al Brunette for his star like treatment of this writer and this site. Brunette made sure this writer had a close-up view of the action, and he refused to take this writer's admission fee until this writer made it clear that he insisted on doing so. As Brunette was preparing for the show, he took time out to chat with this writer and was a very gracious host.
But the biggest applause goes to each boxer who fought tonight, as they worked hard and gave their all. The fighters who came up short have no reason to feel bad, since amateur boxing is less about fighters' records and more about a their approach, their passion, and their reasons for being in the sport in the first place. Amateur boxing isn't always about who stood where and what they did with their fists and their feet; it's more about how it feels to be there and what it took to get there. And tonight, we learned the answers to all of these questions.
Finally, if any information in terms of the outcomes or fighter's photos is incorrect, please inform this writer as the action was intense and this writer had to attempt to photograph while trying to alternate between paper notes and laptop notes.




2010 MN State USA & JR Olympic Tourny Results
Day 1 & 2

Photo's and Results by Jesse kelley

The USA and Jr Olympic tournament being held by the Circle of Discipline wrapped up on Sunday afternoon. Minnesota boxers battled it out to see who would be advancing to the USA National tournament in June.


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Winners in Bold

201+ lbs. (Finals) Aaron Green of Uppercut RSC1 Terrance Walker of COD
Jonathan Perez of COD - Thomas Yang of WBL
113 lbs. Richard Quiterio of COD - Jesus Rivera of WBL
Non Tournament Bouts
130 lbs. Andrew Monette of WBL - Alexis Gomez of COD
105 lbs. Otahl Saunders of COD - Carlos Martinez of WBL
109 lbs. Celco Ramirez-Reyez of COD - Ariel Shifrin of American School of Martial Arts
71 lbs. Miguel Gomez of COD - Dion Bower of White Earth



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Junior Non Tournament bouts

95 lbs. Damon Lachman of WBL - Charles Oothoudt of Leech Lake
125 lbs. Andrew Monette of White Bear lake - Dana Canty of Leech Lake

80 lbs. Bryan Becerra of WBL - Miguel Gomez of Circle of Discipline
85 lbs. Mathew Monette of WBL - Jose Salazar of WBL
101 lbs. Celso Ramirez of COD - Ashtom Dennis-Stanger of WBL
114 lbs. (semi final) Jesus Rivera of WBL - Ariel Shifrin of American School of Martial Arts
145 lbs. Flavio Beccerra of WBL - Fabian Rosas of COD
154 lbs. Anthony Thoen of COD - Eugene Sommers of WBL

123 lbs. Francisco Noyola Solis of COD - Nicholas Christiansen of Hastings
152 lbs. Oscar Soto of Rice Street - Joseph Claus of WBL
201+ (semi final) Aaron Green of Uppercut RSC Eric Lamb St. Claud GG's

Manny Contreras RSC over Kokusai Boxing Academy in a non title added bout

March 5th, 2010
By Jesse Kelley


Circle of Discipline will be having an amateur boxing show this Saturday night.
The bouts will be held at the Richard R. Green Central Park School in Minneapolis (
3416 4th ave. South, Mpls). The event begins at 2pm



February 5th, 2010

After some down time due to a location change, Brunette's Boxing Gym is back at a new location and will be hosting their first of many amateur boxing shows this Saturday, Feb. 6th. Contact Bobby Brunette 651.341.8256 or more info can be found at To take a look at one of the first show's we covered at Brunette's in 2004 which featured recognizable names like Jamal James, Scott Ball, Delano Henton, Tony Lee and pro's fighting tonight at First Ave Javontae Starks and Jose Hilario...


email for more photos

1) Itzell Alvero (COD) wins by points against Gabby Sixties (WBL) - (130 lbs)
2) Celso Ramirez (COD) wins by RSC 1st round against Matt Monette (WBL) - (95 lbs)
3) Dan Severson (Knuckle Up) wins by points against Mike Underwood (Believer's Boxing) - (165 lbs)
4) James Champion (WBL) wins by RSC 3rd round against Conner Linderholm (ACR) - (90 lbs)
5) **CORRECTION** Sona Akale (Hastings) wins by points against Jose Ruacho (COD) (150 lbs)
6) Tyler Pulkkinen (St. Cloud) wins by RSC 3rd round against Andrew Graebner (Believer's Boxing) - (160 lbs)
7) Charlie Smith (Believer's Boxing) wins against by points against Carlos Fabian (COD) - (152 lbs)
8) Jesus Rivera (WBL) wins by RSC 3rd round against Ariel Shiffrin (AMA) - (115 lbs)
9) Jake Olsen (Believer's Boxing) wins by RSC 3rd round against Chad Ruiz (WBL) - (Hvyweights)
10) Alexis Gomez (COD) wins by points against Delmar Robbins (ACR) - (125 lbs)
11) Paul Gonzales (AMA) wins by RSC 3rd round against Calvin Sins (Hastings) - (178 lbs)

Results From Uppercut Gym.
Report By Ray Kilgore at ringside
October 10th, 2009


163 lbs

The main event showcased Kelly Page of Canada Gym taking a decision win over favorite Deon Jordan of Uppercut Gym.

Jordan starts round one presenting Page with movement and combos. Although the stockier Page presses the action, Jordan seems pleased with his work by the end of the round.

By round two, a transformation takes place as Jordan maintains his distance and extends lateral movement but Page picks up the pressure and forces the action by working the body and landing authoritative right hands; Page’s not apprehensive about roughing Jordan up in the corners.

As the final round starts, both boxers look exhausted somewhat but exhibit ambition to go toe to toe in a good match.

145 lbs

In the co-main event, Abdi Gelle of Rochester easily defeats Brendon Feiler of St. Cloud Gym in a decision by utilizing his longer reach and landing good blows throughout the evening.

In the opening minutes, Gelle hammers Feiler-who never exhibits a willingness to give up-with a hard right that sends him down. After the standing eight, Gelle continues to throw hard shots and circles picking his shots to win a decision.

165 lbs

Robbie Loyd of Uppercut Gym gives Jehrid Hale of Rochester Gym much annoyance with counter punches and angles as the referee witnesses enough and calls a halt to the match in round two.

Early in round one, Loyd lands a stiff blow that sends Hale down. Hale recoups and scores several combos; Loyd counters forcing another standing eight. As the round closes, Loyd looks to end the match with two solid punches one clearly coming after the bell.

In round two, Loyd’s determine to fire firm shots as the bout is stopped without protest from Hale.

145 lbs

Gizzy Hobbs of Uppercut Gym enters the ring ready to battle as he wins a decision over Roberto Mendoza of Canada Gym; although Mendoza enjoys a height advantage, Hobbs’ ability to keep his eyes focus, utilize speed and strong jabs is enough to get the job done.

150 lbs

Jesse Vasquez of Uppercut Gym has the most aggravation of the night winning a decision but having to keep an angry, and at times out of control, Dane Smith of Anoka Gym tamed.

For some reason, Smith is extremely angry as he repeatedly fouls Vasquez by pushing him into the ropes forcefully; Smith’s actions prompts stern warnings from the referee.

Before the start of round two, Smith’s corner lectures him about his conduct; but Smith can’t help himself as he roughhouses Vasquez, who maintains his cool for the most part, to the canvas and ropes again. The referee makes it unequivocal to Smith that point deductions will result.

By round three, Smith has no chance of winning. At this point the central question is: Will he get DQ? He loses two points for bullying again and somehow makes it to the final bell throwing his headgear down manifesting his overall mood tonight.

155 lbs

The most exciting and scary episode of the bouts took place when the referee stops the contest because of a head injury suffered to Brian Karanez of Anoka Gym at the hands of Tim Tu of Uppercut Gym in round one.

The bell sounds Tu knocks Karanez’s down flat on his bottom. Karanez gets up and makes the eight count; but Tu lands a thunderous right sending Karanez down again. Karanez attempts to get up but the referee waives the match off.

Masters 193 lbs

Fans receive a good time in the Masters Division as sentimental favorite Jack Kennelly of Uppercut Gym holds his own against Steve McComas of Uppercut Gym. Kennelly, clearly up in age, keeps his defense tight and puts pressure on but McComas is too mobile as he easily jabs his way to a decision win.

115 lbs

Jamie Barlett of Rochester gym takes a decision win over Damon Lachaman of White Bear Gym. Lachaman has trouble controlling his footing most of the evening and Barlett takes advantage with angles and executing a good game plan.

75 lbs

In the opening bout, Bryan Beccera of White Bear Gym gets the decision win over Julian Alvarez of Canada Gym in a close match. Alvarez starts strong and is the aggressor most of round one although both boxers trade shots and good jabs.

In round two, the action gets better as each kid takes turns being the aggressor, throwing hard shots, and landing more jabs.

In the final round, both boys let the gloves fly and in the process, Alvarez hits Beccera with a hard right bringing about an eight count. Beccera shows he’s OK and both box strongly until the final bell.

UMGG Tournament Time Has Arrived 3-9-08
Upper Midwest boxers will come together once again to compete in their regional tournaments with the goal of moving on to the Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Championships being held in Walker, MN. Regional tournament dates and info as well as UMGG championship info is posted below


Region 1 Tournament: Saturday, March 14th, 2009 – Uppercut Gym
Call 612-822-1964 for more information or visit website

Region 2 Tournament: Saturday, April 4-5th, 2009- Uppercut gym
Call Bobby Brunette at 651-341-8256 for more information.

Region 3 Tournament: If you have any info please email me at and I will post asap

Region 4 Tournament: Fri & Sat April 3rd & 4th 2009 – Wadena Armory
Call Bob Tubandt at 218-631-3066 for more info


2009 Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Tournament Info

2009 Upper Midwest Golden Gloves
Championship Tournament Information

Location: Northern Lights Casino
Walker, MN 56484

Dates: Thursday, April 9th - Saturday, April 11th 2009

Tournament Schedule

Thursday, April 9th
4:00-10:00pm Teams check in
Test scale available

Friday, April 10th Semi Finals
8:00-10:00am Weigh-in
1:00-3:00pm Officials Clinic
5:30-6:30pm Boxers Physicals
6:15pm Officials Meeting -ringside
7:00pm Semi Finals

Saturday, April 11th Finals
8:00-10:00am Weigh-in/physicals
11:00-1:00pm UMGG Board of Directors Meeting
2:30pm Finals

Semi Finals Three 3-minute rounds
Finals Three 3-minute rounds

Weight Class 106,112,119,125,132,141,152,165,178,201,201+

Please refer to the "qualifications for boxers" sheet for further details

Questions: call Lisa Bauch at 612-822-1964; or email


The following is a list of qualifications for boxers to compete in the Upper Midwest Golden Gloves (UMGG) Regional Tournament, UMGG Championship Tournament, and GG National Tournament:

Bout Requirements

Regional Tournaments - Boxers must have 4 active bouts in their USA Boxing Competition Book.
UMGG Championship - Boxers must have 4 active bouts in their USA book.
National Championship - Boxers must have 5 active bouts in their USA book.

Age Requirement/Determination for all GG tournaments

Boxer minimum age: 17
Boxer maximum age: 34

Age determination date is August 1, 2009 for 2009 tournaments. A boxer's age on August 1, 2009 is his/her competition age for all tournaments.

Q: Can a 16-year-old compete in the GG Tournament of Champions, May 4-May 9?
A: Yes, IF his/her 17th birthday occurs before August 1, 2009 (he will be 17 on August 1st)

Q: My boxer who is 34 wants to box in our Regional Tournament - he turns 35 on May 5, 2009. Can
he box in the tournament?
A: NO! He will be 35 before August 1, 2009 - therefore, he cannot box at any tournament.


Since the 2009 GG Tournament is not a qualifying event for international, Pan American, or Olympic competition, non-citizens who reside in the United States and are registered amateur athlete members of USA Boxing are eligible to compete in this year's GG National Tournament. They must still meet all other requirements.

Number of Rounds and Round Lengths

Regional and UMGG Championship Tournaments:
Semifinals Three 3-minute rounds
Finals Three 3-minute rounds

National Tournament:
Monday-Thursday Three 2-minute rounds
Semifinals Three 3-minute rounds
Finals Three 3-minute rounds

Weight Classes

106, 112, 119, 125, 132, 141, 152, 165, 178, 201, 201+

NOTE (for past tournament-winning boxers from 2007 and 2008):
If a boxer has won a UMGG Regional or Championship Tournament in the past, and has failed to attend the following tournament (Examples: Won the Regional Tournament and did not attend the Championship, won the Championship and did not attend the Nationals), that boxer must write a letter to the UMGG Board of Directors, stating the reason they did not attend. This letter must be received by the appropriate Regional Director two weeks before the Regional Tournament. The letter will be reviewed by the UMGG Board of Directors to determine qualification for this year's tournaments. It is important for the Upper Midwest region to have boxers who will represent their gym, their region, and the Upper Midwest at each level of competition. Sending boxers to the National Tournament also represents an expense to the UMGG.


Saturday, January 10th, 2009
Amateur boxing results from Grandma's Sports Garden in Duluth, MN
Evan Wrazidlo UD over Cole Hatcher
Nathan Scott UD over Cole Wrazidlo
Rodney Rinas KO1 over Eli Ladue
Mike Monchamp TKO1 over Zack Ladue
Winston Anderson TKO3 over John Singleton
Al Sands KO2 over Jay Porter

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

By Brett Mauren at Ringside
Fans were treated to every element of the sweet science at Uppercut gym. Despite a restructured card due to a missed appearance from the Canadian team Saturday night boxing at Uppercut featured something for everyone in its six captivating bouts.
The show was unquestionably stolen by Robert Brandt and Deon Jordan of the 165 pound division. The lesser experienced Jordan who hailed from Uppercut gym pressed the action early with a sustained body attack that caught Brandt off guard. Brandt showed poise however in withering Jordan’s combos and countering with crisp, effective straight rights of his own throughout the round.
In the opening seconds of round two Brandt zipped a quick lead right through the defense of Jordan and looked to have the Uppercut boxer on the back step for the remainder of the round. Although visibly tired Jordan fired a hellacious combo midway through the third that brought the Minneapolis crowd to their feet. With neither fighter holding back for the final seconds of the fight the crowd exploded with an energy that could only be brought forth by boxing at its finest. When the bell finally sounded to put a halt to the back and forth exchange both fighters embraced in approval from both each other and the crowd.
In a display of both class and sportsmanship Dion Jordan raised Brandt’s hand prior to the judge’s decision acknowledging that the White Bear boxer was indeed a better man on this night. Fans were again treated to a brilliant display of boxing from rising star Robert Brandt, and were shown that they have something to look forward to in Dion Jordan as well.
If a tactical chess match suits your taste you may have preferred watching Jose Hilario’s decision win over Dustin Mason of White Bear Lake.
Hilario reversed his fortune Saturday night avenging his previous loss to Mason a few weeks ago. Both fighters showcased an elite skill set just as they did the last time they met, and another striking similarity came in the scorecards with another razor thin differential. After three rounds of economical punches and polished boxing skills both fighters put forth a strong case for a win but the final say went Hilario’s way and the Uppercut boxer picked up a huge win at 138 punds.
Complete results Saturday night
Jose Hilario def. Dustin Mason 138
Manny Conterus def. Alex Vazquez 170
Robert Brant def. Dion Jordan 165
Jason Bice def. Travis Anderson 178
Clay Brownlee def. Timure Kudaibergenov 155
Brooks Johnson def. Anthony Dunanski 135
Brandon Puritun def. Thomas Yang 120

Canterbury Boxing Back
Amateur boxing is back at the Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN. The Golden Gloves fundraising bouts will be held every Thursday starting June 19th (followed by July 10th and 24th, Aug.7th and 21st). Weigh-ins at 6pm, bouts at 7:30. For more info contact Bobby Brunette at 651-341-8256.

2008 Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Finals
Hinckley, MN

106 lbs. Raphael Vasquez 4th Street Gym Unopposed
112 lbs. Ronnie Peterson Uppercut dec Brad Heroff Brunette's
119 lbs. Mike Haulbrich ACR dec Jose Vilasquez 4th Street Gym
125 lbs. Craig Butler Twin Ports dec Ulises Gonzalez 4th Street Gym
132 lbs. Tony Lee Rice Street dec Jose Hilario Uppercut
141 lbs. Jamal James COD dec Oscar Soto Rice Street
152 lbs. Javontae Starks over Manny Contreras Rice Street stoppage
165 lbs. Cerreso Fort Rice Street dec Tyler Hultin Fergus Falls
178 lbs. Mike Faulk RiceStreet dec Steve Omae COD
201 lbs. Tim McShane Twin Ports dec Delano Henton Brunette's
201+lbs. Jesse Ruiz St. Cloud dec Eric Kendrick Minot, ND

2008 Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Semi-Finals Bout
Hinckley, MN

119 lbs. Jose Vilaquez Rochester dec Bruce Butler Fergus Falls
125 lbs. Craig Butler Twin Ports over Tomi Archumbalt Minot RSC
132 lbs. Ulises Gonzales 4th St. Gym dec Jay Lee Brunette
141 lbs. Jamal James COD over Ryan Dew Alexandria RSC
141 lbs. Oscar Soto Rice Street dec Zack Aaker Grand Forks
152 lbs. Javontae Starks COD dec Jesse Wannemacher Fergus Falls RSC
165 lbs. Cerresso Fort Rice Street over Robert Coleman COD RSC
178 lbs. Michael Faulk Rice Street over Andrew Emmel Minot RSC
178 lbs. Steve Omae COD dec Dewayne Steward Wadena
201+ lbs. Jesse Ruiz St.Cloud dec George Chute Brunette Gym

2008 Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions
April 4-5, 2008 At Grand Casino, Hinckley

PRESS RELEASE: The 78th annual Upper Midwest Golden Gloves boxing tournament will start April 4 at 7:00 pm with 18 bouts of semi-final action. Eleven championship bouts will take place at 7:30 pm on Saturday, April 5. Champions will then advance to the National Golden Gloves Tournament in Grand Rapids , Michigan .
Ticket prices for the semi-finals are: $10.00 general admission and $15.00 for ringside. Championship ticket prices are: $15.00 general admission and $20.00 for ringside reserved. Tickets are available at Grand Casino Hinckley or by contacting Ticketmaster. For more information you can call 763-822-1964.
One of the featured boxers will be defending champion Tony Lee of St. Paul . He was a 2007 National Golden Gloves semi-finalist, and then was chosen to represent the United States Golden Gloves team at the World Golden Gloves Tournament. He then won his two matches and claimed the 132 lbs. World Golden Gloves championship.
Also in the tournament will be Javantae Starks of Minneapolis who three weeks ago captured the U.S.A. Boxing National Championship at 152 lbs. out in Colorado Springs .
Grand Casino Hinckley ’s new convention center is an ideal site for this prestigious event. Its located one hour north of the Twin Cities on Hwy. 35. For more info call 1-800-472-6321.

2008 Region 2 Tournament Results
Saturday, March 22nd
Photos By Jesse Kelley

80 lbs. Zack Bahr ACR dec Francisco Mendoza Palomin's Boxing
115 lbs. Anthony Campillo Brunette Boxing dec Francisco Solis COD
119 lbs. Mike Haulbrich ACR dec Jose Velasquez 4th Street
130 lbs. Steven Campillo Brunette Boxing dec. Austin Bahr ACR
120 lbs. Jonny Solis Brunette dec Cameron Miller WBL
141 lbs. Jon Escoto WBL def Dominic Campillo Brunette Boxing by RSC
112 lbs. Brad Heroff Brunette Boxing dec Rafael Vasquez 4th Street
125 lbs. Ulises Gonzales 4th Street Gym dec Jay Lee Brunette Boxing
132 lbs. Tony Lee Rice Street dec Jeremy McLaurin Rice Street
141 lbs. Oscar Soto Rice Street def. Zak Hill Sisseton, S.D. by RSC
152 lbs. Chris Bruce Brunette Boxing dec Darius Bell 4th Street Gym
152 lbs. Manny Contreras Rice Street dec Luis Molina Rochester Silver Lake
165 lbs. Cerresso Fort Rice Street dec. Rob Brandt WBL
Shwt Matt Jarrett Brunette Boxing def. George Chute Brunette Boxing by Disqualification
Javontae Starks 152 lbs and Robert Coleman are Region 1 Champs
FOR PHOTOS 3-26-06

2008 Region 1 Tournament Results
Saturday, March 15th
Photos, Results Jesse Kelley


132 lbs. Championship Bout
Jose Hilario (Uppercut Gym) Stopped Jose Guaman-Guallpa (COD)
165 lbs. Semi-Final Bout
Mark Mora (Team Amos) winner corner retirement over Charles Meier (COD) -Mora faces Robert Coleman (COD) March 22nd at Brunette's.
Hvy. Weight
Brent Anderson (Uppercut) Decisons Jake Walters (Duluth)

Declared Champions
112 Ronnie Peterson (Uppercut) 119 Mike Haulbrich (ACR) 141 Jamal James (COD
178 Steve Omae (COD)

Novice Bout Results
75 lbs. Dawson Wrazidlo (AVA Duluth) RSC Kenny Richards Jr. (Team Amos)
80 lbs. Zack Bahr (Blast Boxing) Decision Cole Wrazidlo (AVA)
148 lbs. Tyler Kivi (AVA) RSC Jonathan Escoto (WBL, Escoto hurt after falling to canvas)
153 lbs. Mike Bower (UMAIC) Decision Riley Rinas (AVA)
118 lbs. Francisco Solis Noyola (COD) Decision Cameron Miller (WBL)
Hvy Weight Caleb Nelson (Amos) Decision Dan Tate (AVA)
Super Hvy Aaron Green RSC Pat Thompson (Team Amos)
125 lbs. Tia Hawley corner retire win over Andrea Menzarares (Team Amos)
155 lbs. Jamie Granica (Team Amos) Decision Christine Lampe (Uppercut)

For Photos


BRAD PATROW 11-12-06
TONY LEE 7-16-07
ALEX LUSBY 5-10-06


2006 IN REVIEW 1-8-07



US Championships
By Terry Marsh

Three Minnesota boxers were eliminated in their first bouts at the U.S. National championships yesterday in Colorado Springs.
At 141 lbs., Rodney Jefferson, St. Paul, lost on points (9-3) to Brad Solomon of Atlanta; 165 lbs. Cerreso Fort, St. Paul, lost on points (12-6) to Daniel Jacobs, Brooklyn, N.Y. Both Jefferson and Fort’s opponents were National Golden Gloves champions from last year.
Heavyweight Leni Drewelow of Fergus Falls lost a decision (28-22) to Aio Hencher of Honolulu.

I Heard that Caleb Truax at 178 lbs. didn’t make the trip.
March 8th, 2006

From Terry Marsh

130 lbs. - Darrick Gaffney, Brainerd, dec. Alex Gabbert, Fergus Falls
140 – Mike Russel, Grand Forks, dec. Jeff Wannemacher, Fergus Falls
150 – Raul Perez, Moorhead, dec. Chad Vanvickle, Brainerd
80 – Ry Denzel, Fergus Falls, dec. Nathan Scott, Brainerd
130 – Tanner Hultin, Fergus Falls, dec. Ted Beyl, St. Cloud
155 – Shawn Blakmore, Brainerd, Rsc2 Lee Smykowski, Fergus Falls
175 – Nick Mauer, Fergus Falls, dec. Steve Groove, Grand Forks
160 – Sam Kolle, Fergus Falls, dec. Daniel Villareal, Grand Forks
190 – Jeremy Moe, St. Cloud, dec. Jeremy Valantine, Fergus Falls
200 – Leni Drewelow, Fergus Falls, dec. Ron Ingrund, Brainerd

February 7th Medina Golden Gloves show Results!

To check out the bout sheet for the February 7th GG show CLICK HERE!

Caledonia St. Patricks Day Show!

The Caledonia Boxing club will be hosting their annual St Patricks Day Show on March 11, 2006 at the City Auditorium. The fights will begin at 7:30. For more info contact the Caledonia boxing club.


From Terry Marsh

Quarterfinal bouts:

141- Rodney Jefferson, Rice St. Gym, dec. Cory Rodriquez, White Bear Lake
165- Cerreso Fort, Rice St. Gym, dec. Charles Meier, C.O.D.

Semi-final bouts:

132- Tony Lee, Brunette’s, dec. Ryan Dew, Fergus Falls
141- Rodney Jefferson, Rice St. Gym, dec. Jemal James, C.O.D.
141- Cody McManigle, Wadena, dec. Jeff Mason, Mpls. Glovers Gym
165- Cerreso Fort, Rice St. Gym, dec. Jon Schmidt, Anoka/Coon Rapids
165- DeWayne Steward, Wadena, dec. Sam Kolle, Fergus Falls

Championship bouts:

119- Brad Patraw, Rice St. Gym, dec. Bruce Butler, Wadena
125- Blake Berse, Winona, Declared champion
132- Tony Lee, Brunette’s, dec. Wilshaun Boxley, C.O.D.
141- Jefferson vs. McManigle to box off on Feb. 11
152- Tyler Hultin, Fergus Falls, dec. Michael Faulk, Rice St. Gym
165- Fort vs. Steward to box off on Feb. 11
178- Caleb Truax, Anoka/Coon Rapids, dec. Trent Petro, Wadena
201- Leni Drewlow, Fergus Falls, dec. Shawn Bjorndal, Moorhead
201+ - Delano Hinton, Brunette’s. dec. Jesse Ruiz, St. Cloud

Woman’s division:

132- Rachel Schley, UpperCut Gym, dec. Nicole Lafountaine, Rice St. Gym

From Terry Marsh

160- Lee Smynowski, Fergus Falls, Dec. Bill Richards, Wadena
165- Gunther Manilfa, Umaic, Dec. Chris Dixon, Eden Prairie
139- Kody Thompson, Wadena, Rsc2 Collin Frye, St. Cloud
180- Isiah Lotti, Circle of Discipline, Dec. Jeremy Valantine, Fergus
110- Brent Steward, Wadena, Dec. Alex Marcial, Umaic
155- Pat Szathmary, Wadena, Dec. Travis Samp, Fergus Falls
170- Nick Mauer, Fergus Falls, Dec. Frank Orsello, Wadena
140- Cody McManigle, Wadena, Rsc2 Jason Poitra, Umaic
165- Trent Petro, Wadena, Dec. Dondrell Gatlin, C.O.D.
152- Javontae Starks, C.O.D. Dec. Tyler Hultin, Fergus Falls
138- Willshaun Boxley, C.O.D. Dec. TJ Steward, Wadena
Hwt- Lenny Drewlow, Fergus Falls, Dec. Jesse Ruiz, St. Cloud
*165- DeWayne Steward, Wadena, Dec. Charles Meier, C.O.D.
*4-round bout

Brunette's Boxing Show Results, St. Paul, Jan19th
From Terry Marsh


2005 Minnesota Silver Gloves Results!

For the entire list of champions and results from the Minnesota silver gloves tourny CLICK HERE

Last Weekends Results
By Terry Marsh


90 lbs., Austin Stueland, St. Cloud, dec. Terence Mills, Leech Lake
100 lbs., Santos Reyes, Willmar, dec. Jesse St. John, Hinckley
115 lbs., Jonathan Perez, Mpls COD, dec. Danny Ruiz, Willmar
135 lbs., Bobby Butters, WBL Ret1 Forrest St. John, Hinckley
150 lbs., Jude Beauchamp, White Earth, dec. Peter Vitale, WBL
150 lbs., Alex Atempa, COD, dec. Kelly VanBuren, Willmar
155 lbs., Cord Hale, White Earth Rsc1 Sean Williams, St. Cloud
190 lbs., Andrew Lund, St. Cloud dec. Tom Covington, White Earth
201+ Shawn Bjorndal, Moorhead, dec. Sammy St. John, Hinckley
139 lbs, Wilshaun Boxley, COD dec. Weylin Davis, Hinckley

Big Weekend for Amateur Boxing in Mn!

On Saturday, December 17th, three seperate shows will be taking place. The Uppercut gym will be hosting its monthly boxing show. Check out for more details. The Saint Cloud National Guard Armory and the Wadena National Guard Armory will host amateur boxing shows as well.Thanks to Terry Marsh for the updates. 12/13/05

Upcoming Amateur Shows In November

The Midwest American Indian Center in Minneapolis will be hosting an amateur boxing show on Saturday, Nov. 5th. The Center is located at 1035 West Broadway, Mpls, MN . Call 612-522-4436 for more info.

Uppercut Gym's next show is scheduled for Nov. 12 at 7pm. Check out for more info or call

Circle of Discipline will be hosting "Knock Out Kings" amateur boxing on Saturday, Nov.12th at 4 pm. Local fighters have been invited as well as fighters from Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and North Dakota. There are 15 bouts scheduled. For more info check out

Brunette's Boxing Gym also has a show on Nov.19th. Beginning at 7 pm. More info coming soon. For info call 651-779-6248

If I have left any shows out please contact me at

Brunette Boxing's "Back to School Classic" Results
By Jesse Kelley and Miranda Sannes at Ringside
September 18th, 2005

Brunette's Boxing Gym hosted a great day of amateur boxing today in Saint Paul, Mn. For full report and Photo gallery CLICK HERE.

Update From the Under 19 Tourny in Colorado!
By Sierra Leone Samuels

Minnesota fighters Derek Winston, Jamal James, David Amundson and Brad Patraw are all
competing in the under 19 tournament in Colorado Springs, CO at the Olympic Training Center.
in the tournament. The tournament began Aug. 30th and ends Sept. 3rd. Champions of the tournament will have the opportunity to travel to Finland and represent the United States in
International competition. None of the Minnesota boxers competed on Aug. 30th. Three of the Minnesota boxers competed on Aug. 31st. Derek Winston, boxing at 132 pounds, competed against Saul Lomas from Fresno, CA. Derek lost his bout in the second round (RSCH). It was Derek's first national tournament so he said his nerves got the best of him. He plans on
competing in the PAL tournament in Oct. in Oxnard, California and realizes he needs to take his training much more serious and run much more.
Jamal James competed against Xavier Burgos from Miramar, FL also in the 132 lbs division. Jamal won his bout in the second round (RSC). He stopped his opponent with a nice body shot. He said his timing was on but his sharpness was off because of nerves. He is excited about advancing to the quarterfinals and feels the nerves and edginess is off now. David Amundson competed against Ernest Reyna from Corpus Christi, TX 152 lbs division. David won his bout by points. David was losing the bout in the first and second round but was able to turn the heat up in the third and fourth round and pull off the win. David also advances to the quarterfinals.


Quaterfinals, Sept 1st, Jamal James and David Amundson competed from Minnesota. Jamal James boxed Prenice Brewer from Cleveland, OH. Jamal came out in the first round and part of the second round with a lot of energy. He was sharp and utilizing his reach to his benefit. He began to slow down and get tired in the middle of the second round. The third and fourth round Jamal would begin the round nice and sharp landing points. Unfortunately when he began to get tired he stopped using his reach and throwing punches. He lost the bout by points. David Amundson competed against Peter Haro from Inglewood, CA. David came out strong but could not catch Peter to land many scoring blows. Peter was much faster and was able to land more points than David. David lost the bout by points. Brad Patraw is competing in the 112 lbs division semi-finals. Stay tuned for results. The coaches for Minnesota are Sankara Frazier from Circle of Discipline and John Johnson from Rice Street gym. There are two officials from Minnesota myself, Sierra Leone Samuels from Minneapolis, and Dan Joyce from St. Cloud.

Upcoming Amateur Boxing Schedule

Brunette's Boxing Gym will be hosting an afternoon of amateur boxing on Sunday, September 18th. The show will take place in the gyms parking lot located at 1135 Arcade St in St.Paul, MN. Prices for the event are set at $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12. The first bout will begin at 2 pm. For more info call 651-779-6248 .

On October 12 at Gabbys Resturant in NE Minneapolis, Former pro heavyweight fighter Scott Ledoux will participate in his last public sparring session.There will also be Golden Gloves bouts being featured. Proceeds will go to Wishes and More, tickets will be $100 per person which includes dinner, golden gloves bouts and Ledoux sparring. The "common man" Dan Cole and "Dark Star" will do all the anouncing. Gabbys is located at 1900 Marshall St NE Minneapolis, MN 55418 and the number is (612) 788-8239

News From The Circle Of Discipline!

Congratulations to 16 year old COD fighter Javontae Starks, who won the bronze medal in the Junior Olympics this past June in Brownsville, Texas.
COD will have two amateur boxers competing in the Under 19 Championships in Colorado Springs, CO August 30th through September 4th. 17 year old Jamal James and 18 year old Derek Winston will be competing. Stay tuned to see how they did. Also please check out for more info. 8/11/05

2005 Golden Gloves Stars Results!
Amateur Boxing As Part Of The June 17th Pro Card At The RiverCentre


Region 1 Golden Gloves Results!

Open Class Prelims

141 Wilshaun Boxley, COD beat Billy Jochum, ACR
152 Carl Gergen, Chaska beat Desean Lewis, COD
152 Jeremy Kirschner, ACR beat Justin From, Shakopee
165 Alex Vasquez, Uppercut beat Charles Meier, COD
178 Caleb Truax, ACR beat Eric Polnett, COD

178 Rochester, Collin Kelly beat Duane Caldwell, Rochester
127 COD, Jose Hilario beat Matthew Carlson, UMAIC

Semi- Finals

141 COD, Wilshaun Boxley beat Alex Atempa, COD
141 UMAIC, Leif Carlson beat Doug Melby, Shakopee
119 Northview, Yamir Garcia beat Mike Haubrich, ACR
125 Glovers, Wilton Hilario beat Derek Winston, COD
132 COD, Jamal James beat Vlad Ustimchuk, ACR
152 Chaska, Carl Gergen beat Jeremy Kirschner, ACR
162 Uppercut, Alex Vasquez beat Jon Schmidt, ACR

Wilshaun Boxley will face Leif Carlson in Rochester on April 2nd.

Declared Champions:

112 Anthwon Robertson, ACR
200 James Taylor, UMAIC
Super HWT Joey Abell, ACR

Special thanks to Lisa Bauch for the results!

Junior Championships

110 Xavier Hayden, UMAIC beat Tony Bester, Shakopee
178 Collin Kelly beat Randy Carbajal
105 JR Gustafson, Shakopee beat Kevin Silo, Northview
155 Alonzo Breston, COD beat Rod Shepardson, Northview
HWT Jon Woolcock,COD beat Blake Swanson, Shakopee

Senior Novice Class Championship

140 Sean Bach, Shakopee beat Drew Sims, Glovers
145 Steven Jones, COD beat Jason Schaller, Glovers
165 Gunther Manifa, Glovers beat Clint Kelly, Shakopee

Special thanks to Lisa Bauch and Ryan Hamilton for the results!


Uppercut Gym's Amateur Boxing Results For Feb. 19th

Logan O’Connor of 4th street gym wins over Antonio Dominguez of WBL at 60pds

Jeremiah Soft of Silver Lake over Kyle Raymond of Anoka at 130

Matt Nikodyn of Saint Cloud over Jeremy Williams of Caledonia at 165

Rachel Schley of Uppercut over125 Ashley Nordhaus of Anoka at 125

Mike Tostenson of Caledonia over Jerry Valdez of Saint Cloud at 155

Collin Kelly of 4th Street gym over Ryan Shacklten of Uppercut at 165

Jeff Zabel of St. Cloud over Tony Nygen of Uppercut at 165

Caleb Truax of Anoka over Todd Belmont of Saint Cloud at 185

Steve McComas of Uppercut over Master Scott Kelm of St. Cloud

*Special thanks to Lisa Bauch for the results!!


We also want to congratulate Circle of Discipline's Angel Soto who will also be heading to Kansas City!!

Congratulations to The Brunette's Delano Henton and Rice Street's Alex Lusby, Joey Claus, and Oscar Soto. They were all winners this weekend in Sioux Falls, SD and will now advance to the National Silver Gloves Tournament in Kansas City on February 4th and 5th. Good Luck you guys! -Ryan Hamilton

2005 State Championship Results
By Ryan Hamilton

Last Saturday night at Spiker's, USA Boxing hosted the 2005 State Championships. The winners from Saturday advance to Marshalltown, Iowa and the winners in Iowa advance to the national's in Colorado Springs. To see the full results click here

The Uppercut Gym's December 18th Show Results
By Ryan Hamilton- CLICK HERE

The ACR Gym's December 17th Show Results
By Ryan Hamilton- CLICK HERE


Results From UpperCut
By Ryan Hamilton

Last night Uppercut delivered another exciting night of Amateur bouts.
The action packed night began with COD's Alex Atempa fighting Rochester's Tim Meyer at 150 pounds. I had the first round even between these guys. They both went out there and threw solid nonstop combinations the first round. The first half of the second round was ALL Alex, he made Meyer miss then made him pay. He was very elusive but Meyer kept coming forward he never backed up. He threw just as many bombs as Atempa. In the third round it looked as though Atempa ran out of steam but he was still light on his feet and still made Meyer miss a lot. I thought Atempa won this fight for sure. Tim Meyer by Dec.
At 154 pound, Pat Szthmany was up against Chipewa Falls' Damien Lannet.
Eh, this fight was ok. Lannet had this long reach that he couldn't use because Szthmany crowded him. But when Szthmany got on the inside it was like he couldn't put his punches together. By the third round, Szthmany let up on applying pressure. Big mistake. Lannet let those longs arms go and scored right before the bell to end round three. Damien Lannet by Dec.
White Bear's Danny Jones was definitely the busier fighter in his match against T. J. Stewart from Wadena. Whether he landed anything or not is a completely different story. Jones tried his best to work that jab and several combinations. Stewart landed punches and tried to jab, but being much taller then Jones made it harder for him to chase him down. Jones also knew that when he stopped moving he got hit. So, Jones kept trying to frustrate Stewart by making him miss and trying to get him to give up his height. I thought Danny Jones fought a good fight. T. J. Stewart by dec.
At 158 pounds, C.O.D's Ezequel Guierrez lost to White Bear's D. J. Anderson.
It was a long bloody 3 rounds between the horribly inactive, Nick Lawton from Rice Street and White Bear's Andrew Nelson. Nelson by dec.
Oscar Soto from Rice Street and Jeremiah Soft from Silver Lake fought at
125 pounds. This was my second favorite fight of the night. Soto dominated this fight in every round with his solid combos and fast hands. Very nice! Soto by Dec.
Uppercut's Alex Vasquez was up against St. Cloud's Walter Mastey. I thought Vasquez was controlling this fight from the first round on. He did a good job sticking and moving, and staying light on his feet. In the second round Mastey began using his jab a lot. Vasquez went down from what looked to me to be a slip but the ref gave him a standing eight count and ruled it a knockdown. I thought the slip threw him off his game plan a little. Mastey by Dec.
And in the final fight of the night, Uppercuts Alfonso Vasquez scored an impressive win over Dwayne Steward.

See you guys next month!


Oct. 23rd Uppercut Show Results
By Ryan Hamilton


Saturday, October 23rd, Lisa Bauch and the Uppercut Gym hosted the first of many Amateur shows this fall. There were 11 bouts, each bout was 3 rounds.
Heavy hitter Adnan Ali from Circle of Discipline went to work right away in the first round against Uppercuts Chris Anderson. Ali was vicious EVERY round. In the third round Ali jabbed Anderson on the same spot in chest every time. After three rounds of punishment Adnan Ali won by Dec.
112 pounders Max Clifford from ACR fought St. Clouds John Hall. This was an ok fight with John Hall being knocked down in the 3rd round and then having a standing 8 count. Max Clifford winning by Dec.
At 135 pounds, ACR's Robin Caulkins vs. White Bear Lake's Sam Barton had to be my favorite fight of the night. Caulkins had this BEAUTIFUL jab that he used to irk Barton with. Barton went from flustered to frustrated in no time. He just couldn't get around that jab. Robin Caulkins won by Dec. Nice Job Robin!
St. Clouds Curt Brown beat White Bear Lake's Micah Thompson at 160 pounds.
In the next fight 150-pound fight of the night, Luke Cassikert from ACR fought Brunette’s Cesar Benavides. It was a nice first round for Cesar. After every combo Cesar threw, it looked as if Luke didn't know what to do next. In the second round Luke tried to pick up the pace a little bit but just couldn't keep up with Cesar's fighting style. Cesar B by Dec.
JR Robinson from Leech Lake beat White Bear Lake's Danny Jones.
Also fighting at 150 pounds were Brunette's Dave Bebeau against Uppercuts Jeffery Ratliff. I had this fight tied in the first round. I gave the second round to Bebeau because Ratliff looked spent. Bebeau did a good job of keeping Ratliff off balance by moving him backwards. Ratliff won the third round. Both these guys had heart. Bebeau by Dec.
After the intermission Circle of Disciplines Ezequil Gutierrez beat White Bear Lake’s Bob O’Leary by Dec.
Raymando Papasadora from Leech beat St Cloud's Matt Nikodyn. Raymando dominated most of this fight. Nikodyn didn't throw one single punch in the 2nd round.
Papasadora won by Dec.
In the final fight of the night Uppercuts Alex Vasquez took on White Earth's Glen Sommers. I had the first round even but Vasquez took the second and third round easily. Heavyweight Alex Vasquez went on to win by Dec.
It was a great night of fights! The next fight night will be on November 20th at 7pm. Hope to see you there!

Two Caledonia Shows Scheduled!

This is the Caledonia Boxing Club here, and we would like to let you know that we are hosting another show on the 30th of October at the city auditorium here in Caledonia, and to also inform you of our St. Patricks Day Annual Show that will be held on March 2005 also in Caledonia. For any information on either of theses shows Contact Matt and Debra Schellsmidt at 1-507-725-8973 Looking forward to seeing all of you this new year.


Uppercut To Host Monthly Amateur Shows!

Beginning October 23rd, Uppercut gym will be putting on an amateur show, the 3rd Saturday of every month. The doors open at 6pm and the first bout is at 7pm. Cost is 10 dollars to get in. UpperCut gym is located at 1324 Quincy Street NE in Minneapolis. If you have any questions Call Lisa Bauch at 612-822-1964 -Ryan Hamilton


Tournament Finals Photos Now Up!! Click Here

Tournament Finals At Canterbury Park
By Ryan Hamilton


The night began with 141 Pound Dagney Willey from Minnesota going up against Wisconsin's Laura Savage. This was a good female fight. Willey dominated every round and went on to win by decision.

At 145 pounds, Wisconsin's Krista Savage got the decision over Minnesota's Heather Hutchens

At 167 pounds, Duluth's Anston Griggs faced off against Uppercut's Alfonso Vasquez.
I wasn't sure what to make of this fight at first. It kind of looked like a mismatch. Vasquez dominated the fight but Griggs countered more. Vasquez is a badass fighter BUT I do believe that if at any point Griggs would have landed any of those haymakers he was throwing, Vasquez would have been laid out. Which brings me to the next fight.

In 1:20 seconds of the first round, a left hook delivered COD's by Wilton Hilario sent ACR's Derrick Winston to the canvas. And that was all she wrote.

Minnesota's Cerreso Fort beat Nebraska's William Quaintana by decision.

At 135 pounds Bobby Cleaver fought Nebraska's Roger Hernandez. There was a nice exchange in the first round. In the second round Cleaver showed off his fierce jab. And after taking turns slamming each onto the canvas in third round, Cleaver won by dec.

At 150 pounds, Wisconsin's Ben Flaklud beat Minnesota's Adam Langino by Dec.

The final fight of the night left a bad taste in everyones mouth. I dont want to take anything away from Oscar Soto, so I'll keep my opinion on this very bad call, to myself. Soto by Dec. I look foreward to seeing these guys fight again in the future.

Congrats to Dagney Willey, Alfonso Vasquez, Ben Flaklud, Krista Savage, Cerreso Fort, Wilton Hilario, Bobby Cleaver and Oscar Soto on being The 2004 Canterbury Park Golden Glove Champs!


Fight Night at Canterbury Park
By Ryan Hamilton

Last Thursday night was the first of two nights of Championship finals. There were only four fights but they were very exciting!

In the first of four 3 round/2 minute matches, Jeremy Kirschner from Minnesota was up against North Dakota's Tyler Hultin. This fight was so exciting and it set the pace for the night. They both stayed busy in the first and second rounds. Then in the third round Kirschner got a standing eight count. He went on but lose by decision.

At 190 pounds, Wisconsin's Earl Butts met Minnesota's Luke McDevitt for the second time. McDevitt went right to work on Butts body. Butts immediately threw a quick one-two followed by a hook and sent McDevitts down, the ref gave him a standing 8 count and waved it off. Earl Butts won the 43 second fight by RSC.

Minnesota's Derrick Winston beat North Dakota's Eli Ugstad in the 137 pound weight class.

And finishing up a great night of amateur boxing was Minnesota's Ricky Johnson and North Dakota's Tanner Holtin. Tanner Holtin won Dec.

Congratulations to Tyler Hultin, Earl Butts, Derrick Winston, and Tanner Holtin for being the 2004 Canterbury Park Golden Gloves Champions!!

See you next Thursday!

Pictures to come soon


Open House At Uppercut!

Mark your calenders! On Saturday, August 28th from 10 - 2 Uppercut Gym is having its Member Appreciation Day/Open House. Stop by for free food, to ask Questions, watch classes, see some sparring and take advantage of Uppercuts Pre Fall sale. For more info contact owner Lisa Bauch at 612-822-1964 or visit website at


Boxer will represent Region 6 in National Tournament
By Ryan Hamilton

Heather Hutchens, from the Rumble-Boy boxing gym will be competing in the 2004 National Women’s Tournament. The USA boxing tournament will be held in Spokane, Washington from July 25th through August 1st and will feature fighters from Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota. The winners will go on to represent the US in international tournaments. Good luck Heather!

July 8th Canterbury Golden Gloves Tournament Results

Another great night of amateur boxing took place last Thursday night at Canterbury Park. There were six exciting three round bouts and each round was one minute long. For results and photos CLICK HERE.


June 24th Canterbury Golden Gloves Tournament Results

Amateur fighters from Minnesota and Wisconsin faced each other this past Thursday, June 24th at the Canterbury Park race tracks. For results and photos CLICK HERE.


Burton and Taggart to represent Mn in Texas!

Two Minnesota boxers will be going to fight at The National Junior Olympics in Brownsville, Texas from 6/22 to 6/26. The gold and silver medalists stay there and attend an Elite camp. They then box off for a spot on the junior national team which competes internationally. Corey Burton from Detroit Lakes and Tim Taggart Jr. from Hinckley are both going to box for a spot on the Junior National Team. Special thanks to Tim Taggart Sr. for the update! 6/22/04


June 10th Canterbury Golden Gloves Tournament Results
By Ryan Hamilton
photos now up!

The “Canterbury Team” Golden Gloves Tournament was held this past week at Canterbury Park.
There were four, three round bouts. Each bout was a minute and a half. Every other Thursday, Minnesota will face-off against another state. This past Thursday featured Minnesota versus North Dakota. Over the next month Minnesota will face off against Iowa, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. The winners advance to the finals in August. Read More

Canterbury Downs Golden Gloves Tournaments
By Ryan Hamilton

Amateur fighters from Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska are all coming together to fight at The Canterbury Race track in Shakopee, Mn. The tournament dates are June 10th and 24th, July 8th and 22nd and August 12 and 26th. Bouts start at about 6:30 PM. Each bout will be featured between races and again shown on the big screen during races.
*Ryan Hamilton will be ringside covering the events and can be reached for questions at 6/7/04


Butler to box on NBC Sunday May 9th

Rochester Minnesota's Heavyweight Rafael Butler will box in the finals at The National Golden Glove tournament in Kansas City. The National Golden Glove finals will air live on Sunday, May 9, 2004 at 1pm Central Time on NBC. Special thanks goes out to Tom Brunette for the update. 5/9/04


Circle of Discipline Boxing update

Fighters from the COD boxing club are representing their gym in two major tournaments, The Junior Olympics and The National Golden Gloves.Click Here To Read More.


Brunette Boxing Amateur show results

Brunette gymnasium hosted a night of Amateur boxing Saturday April 24th. For results and pictures CLICK HERE! 4/25/04

Upper Midwest Championship results are up!

Minnesota's Amateur boxing writer Ryan Hamilton was able to make it out to Hinckley, Minnesota for the second day of competition. Day two results and photos are here. I would like to thank Ryan and also Myrna Centeno for the event photos as well. For results CLICK HERE


Circle of Discipline's Amateur Boxing Show Results!

COD boxing gym presented an afternoon of amateur boxing last Saturday, April 3rd in South Minneapolis. Ryan Hamilton and Greg Lowe were ringside covering the show. To read more on last weekends show CLICK HERE. 4/5/04


Region 2 Golden Gloves Results and Photos

Brunette Boxing played host to the Region 2 Golden Gloves Box-Offs on March 27 and 28th. Results and photos are now up for the first and second days of the competition. For full report on last weekends results CLICK HERE.


Region 2 Golden Gloves Tournament March 27-28th!

Brunette Boxing will be hosting the region 2 tournament Saturday March 27 at 7:30 pm and Sunday March 28th at 1:00 pm. Gym is located at 1135 Arcade Street St.Paul, MN 55106. For more info call the gym at 651-779-6248.


Officials and Judges needed desperately in metro area

Officials are needed desperately in the metro area. There are only 1 or 2 referees and very few judges. Referees and judges are desperately needed and their will be an official clinic at the Upper Midwest Championships in Hinckley April 9th & 10th from 1pm - 4pm both days.


Region 1 Golden Gloves Day 2 results!

The final day of competition for the Region 1 tournament our posted. For results CLICK HERE

Region 1 Golden Gloves Opening night results!

The Uppercut gym hosted the Mineapolis/Suburban Golden Gloves region 1 box-offs last Saturday March 20th and Sunday March 21st. I have the opening night results posted here and should have the final day of competition results and photos up tomorrow. For results and photos CLICK HERE. 3/22/04