By Jesse Kelley



Tonight's fight card at the Wessman Arena in Superior will feature many new faces making their first ring showing's at the pro level to go along with the familiar faces that will be featured. One of those fighters making their debut's will be Rondale "Giveum Hell" Hubbert.

The 24 year old Rondale says he began boxing at the age of 15 and has been lacing the gloves up ever since. Currently based out of Dillworth (near Moorehead), Hubbert is teamed up with trainer John Hoffman to begin his journey into the pro ranks

"I grabbed some gloves, grabbed some mits, and basically started training in my backyard with some of my friends" said Rondale looking back. " Later I met somebody that told me to go to the Circle of Discipline. I ended up training there for about two months but then I moved to Fargo. So I kept on training myself, running when I could. I never really had a lot of training before I got to Fargo. I ran into Jesse Wannemacher who boxed in Fergus Falls. He introduced me to Randy and that's where I started training. And I've been fighting ever since."

As an amateur, Hubbert says he won 32 of 42 bouts while winning the Region 4 Upper Midwest tournament twice.
In his last bout before his decision to turn pro, Hubbert lost a barn burner with fellow amateur Veshawn Owens.

"That was the second time we had fought. I thought I won the first one. He got a little better the second time though. I got a little off my game plan but I am still learning so I decided to stand there and bang with him. It was a pretty good fight though. I wasn't in the best condition I could have been for that fight. Now I have been training like I should be."

"I don't know a lot about my opponent for my pro debut but I do know that I will be ready for anything when the bell rings. His name is Justin Gauthier and he's from Michigan. I guess he is an MMA fighter who has some amateur boxing experience. This will also be his pro debut. I am feeling pretty good though. I've been training for about 2 or 3 months so I know I am ready."

Hubbert, who was training in a gym located beneath Courtside bar in Anoka during our interview, says that this fight will be at 147 pounds but also says that he plans to go lower in weight if given the opportunity. A self described boxer-puncher, Hubbert says he is ready to put on a show for the Superior area and surrounding fans.

"I just want to let everybody know that I come to fight. I am a good fighter that comes out to put on a good show every time. I go by the nickname "Givem Hell" because that is what I do in there. Win or lose I want to make sure my opponents feel me and respect me by the end of the fight. And I want the fans to feel like the got what they paid for."