MEIER: "I Leave Mine in The Ring"
By Jesse Kelley
June 10th, 2010

Charles Meier (4-1) and Corey Rodriguez (4-1) will square off tomorrow night on the Seconds Out fight card at the Saint Paul Armory. The battle line was drawn days ago when Rodriguez talked about tomorrow nights showdown with Meier in a pre fight interview. Meier, much like Rodriguez carries himself with pride both in and out of the ring and spoke confidently about the showdown with Rodriguez...

Talk about the matchup and what you know about your opponent Corey Rodriguez.
I believe this is going to be a good matchup. I don't know much about Corey except what I hear. And that's pretty much it. They say that he never gets tired and he keeps coming forward. Well that's ok with me!

You are a boxer but also like to come forward and bang. A fan friendly style like in your last fight. You will also be the bigger boxer, like Dave Peterson in Corey's last bout. Can you talk about your preparation and fight plan as the fight approaches?
I love to do alot of different things in the ring, not just be one dimensional, and if the fans love it, that makes it even better. I think me and Dave Peterson are different fighters so I can't go off what happened in that fight but I do like to come forward and do my thing.
I am preparing for this fight just like every other fight I have had. Just continue to try to get better every outing. I think my fight approach is the same as before and that's to keep coming forward and box and wear the other guy down. Everybody gets worn down if you keep the pressure on them, even Corey, and that's what I plan to do in this fight.

You two are meeting at a catch weight of 158 pounds. You will be the bigger man in the ring. Talk about how you think that will effect the fight.
Size can be an advantage I think. For some reason Corey has been asking to fight me so we took this fight at 158, which is heavier than what he normaly fight's at. We will see how that works for him it because it won't be a problem for me at that weight. I'm here for one thing and that's to win and it seems Corey is the next blip on my radar in this game.

Anything you would like to add?
I don't have much to add! Talkin shit outside the ring means nothing. I leave mine in the ring. And that's what I'll do here also.




You and your opponent weighed in earlier at 138 pounds. How do you feel at that weight?
I feel great. I used to fight at 132 at the Upper Midwest Tournaments but I am older now so 138 is perfect for me. I didn't have a hard time at all making the weight. I have been eating good. You know, this time, it's going to be a good fight for me. I am really in the best shape of my life. Jesse (Garza) and Sean (Hickman) have been training me for 4 weeks now. And these guys have been training me hard! My buddies Levi Cortes and Michael Faulk, these guys have been getting me ready for the fight and I am in really good shape. That makes me more confident than ever going into this fight

Best of luck tomorrow night Wilson, and I hope you bring a victory home to Minnesota!
I will, and thank you for the opportunity.