By Jesse Kelley
October 26th, 2010


The cold Minnesota winter is just around the corner but apparently that just means it's time for our Northern based fighters to jump back into action. This Thursday, Oct. 28th, one of MN's more exciting fighters Gary "Stone Cold" Eyer (8-0-1) leads the way in a boxing card at Grandma's Sports Garden in Duluth, MN. Eyer is joined by Horton's Boxing teammates RJ Laase, Al Sands and new addition Aaron Green of Minneapolis. Then it is Andy Kolle's turn as he boxes on the Shobox card in Fargo, ND Friday Nov. 5th. Saturday, January 8th marks the beginning of Horton's bi-monthly pro boxing series that will be held at The Clyde in Duluth (http://www.clydeparkduluth.com/).

Gary "Stone Cold" Eyer is confirmed to be headlining this Thursday but the opponent has yet to be released.
RJ Laase is scheduled to face Andrew Selvig of Wisconsin. Selvig is a veteran of 15 MMA bouts and will be making his pro debut in the boxing ring. He is no stranger to stand up fighting however. Selvig revealed in an interview posted on Hortonboxing.com yesterday that he prefers to stand and bang. Laase has been itching to get back in the ring officially since June (where he had an exhibition KO win over Orie Bailey) and looks to return in a big way on Thursday. Selvig was respectful of Laase in the before mentioned interview but word is that Laase has caught wind that Selvig has been talking trash and went as far as to say things could get started at the weigh-ins if it comes to it.

Amateur standout Al Sands will be making his pro debut against MMA fighter Dustin Block, who also makes his boxing debut.

Also making his pro debut is Minneapolis based heavyweight Aaron Green. Green recently signed a 14 fight deal with Horton's promotions and looks to get off on the right foot against William Gillette. Gillette, also an MMA fighter by trade, lost his boxing debut last December to Boris Shishporenok in a slugfest. For more on Green, keep an eye out for his introductory video interview to be posted here soon.

Kicking off the action will be two more MMA fighters Tim Farmer and Adam Rocka as the two duke it out boxing style in each of their pro debuts.








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