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December 16th 2006
By Ray Kilgore

Bout 1: 75 lbs
Bronson Kaigigebi, red gloves, Team Amos faced Leroy Tresco, blue gloves St. Cloud

Round one- Both boxers come out throwing fast but Kaigigebi lands the better blows and seconds into the opening round, Kaigigebi connects with a right on the far ropes that forces Referee Bobby Brunette to give Tresco an eight count. Already this match is more intense than a competitive game of Party Poker, with both boxers clearly aware of what is at stake. It's not long before action is resumed. Tresco makes the count, and Kaigigebi is on him throwing punches and Tresco tires to fires back, however, Kaigigebi hits Tresco with three right hands while Tresco covers up on the ropes and Brunette gives Tresco another count that reaches to five, and Brunette sees Tresco isn't able to continue.

Result: Kaigigebi wins on RSC Rd 1

Bout 2: 120 lbs
Dominique Amos, red gloves, Team Amos faced Paul Leal, blue gloves, Lower Sioux Tribe

Round one- Amous comes out and lands a jab followed by a right while Leal stands flat footed with his gloves to his face. Amos continues to work his jab and give angles. Both boxers trade in the center of the ring, and Amos circles and gets hit with a strong right hand from Leal. Amos throws several punches and Leal takes them all. Both boxers continue to trade blows as round one comes to an end.

Round two- Amous comes straight towards Leal and lands a good jab followed by a right but it's clear Leal is the stronger of the two as he hits Amous with a punch that sends him to the ropes. Leal has more upper body movement and backs Amous to the ropes again and is the aggressor. Leal's pressure forces Amous to move from rope to rope and Leal lands a hard right hand that bloodies Amous' nose, and forces Brunette to have the doctor examine Amos. After several minutes, the bout continues and Leal picks up where he left off and being the aggressor backing Amous from rope to rope. Leal lands a hard right hand to the head of Amous and Brunette gives Amous a standing eight, and when Brunette reached the count of four, he waved the bout off as Amous was in no condition to go on.
Result: Leal wins RSC Rd 2

Bout 3: 135 lbs
Roger Aldrete, Rochester 4th street faced Jake Walther, Lion's Den

Round one- Both boxers come out and set a fast pace. The taller Walther comes out jabbing while Aldrete bobs and weaves to get inside. Aldrete is able to land a hard right that sends Walther to the center ropes but Walther is able to use his jab and movement. Both boxers continue to trade and land good blows as a close round one comes to an end.

Round two- Both boxers pick up where they left off with Walther using the jab and giving movement while Aldrete is trying to counter. Walther is landing the better blows as he's able to land two punches to Aldrete's one. Walther lands jabs and give angles as round two comes to an end.

Final round- Aldrete starts strong but Walther has found that his jab and movement is the key to victory as Aldrete can't seem to contain them. Walther lands body and head blows that might have knocked out another opponent, but Aldrete was determine. Walther takes the round by landing the more effective blows and using the jab and landing right hands as the bell to end round three sounds.
Result Walther wins decision

Bout 4: 135 lbs

Ulises Gonzales, red gloves, Rochester 4th street faced Jay Lee, Brunette boxing

Round one- Both boxers come out strong and Gonzales throws his punches with mean intentions. Lee moves and is also throwing hard shots as well. Gonzales is the aggressor and Lee is circling and picking his shots. Lee has now taken the momentum of the bout as he lands two good jabs and right hands is seems to better see what Gonzales is throwing.

Round two- Gonzales lands two hard blows to the body and head of Lee but Lee doesn't seem bothered by them. Gonzales seems to have slow down which allows Lee to land even better shots as Lee lands good jabs followed by hard rights to the body and head of Gonzales. But as the round comes to an end, Gonzales picks up the pace and lands a good body shot that makes Lee cover up on the ropes.

Final round- Lee is taking complete control of the first few seconds of this round by giving movement and landing jabs and hard right hands. In what seemed like a jinx for boxers in the red corner all evening, Lee hits Gonzales with a right to the face and Referee Scott Erikson calls a time so that the doctor can check Gonzales bloody nose. The bout continues and Lee picks up where he left off landing jabs giving movement, and hitting Gonzales with right hands to his head. Gonzales is clearly tired as his punches are wide and looping to end the round.
Result: Lee wins decision

Bout 5: 150 lbs
Brandon Mott, red gloves, Team Amos faced Garrett Rebstock, blue gloves, Lower Sioux Tribe

Round one- Rebstock comes out looking to KO Mott early by landing hard right hands as Mott circles and adjust. Rebstock seem the better coordinated of the two, and his aggression alone seems to have given him round one.

Round two- This round looks like the last with Rebstock landing the harder blows and being the aggressor. As Rebstock moves forward, he gets sloppy and Mott lands a hard right but Rebstock doesn't seem bothered by it. Rebstock continues to work the body of Mott but Mott is able to land a double right hand that forces Rebstock to cover up. Rebstock is still the aggressor as round two comes to an end where a physically tired Mott bends over at the hips to catch air.

Final round- Both boxers comes out throwing and Rebstock is off balance but doesn't hit the canvas as Mott jumps on him and lands several blows. Rebstock regains his balance and goes back to being the aggressor. Rebstock hits Mott with a hard right that knocks Mott's mouthpiece out and once the action starts, Rebstock lands several hard head blows to end the round.
Result: Rebstock wins decision

Bout 6 170 lbs
Andy Bungum, red gloves, 4th street gym faced Justin Peters, blue gloves Lower Sioux Tribe

Round one- Both boxers start slow as the more muscular Bungum has his body slightly bent over with his faced exposed but Peters didn't take advantage of it. Peters throws a jab but he's not looking to score but rather keep Bungum off of him. Bungum is the aggressor and is pawing with the jab looking to land a big right hand as Peters moves from side to side. Bungum lands a good right that sends Peters to the ropes and forces Referee Erikson to give Peters a standing eight count. Peters make the count but seem psychologically intimidated by Bungum as Peters spends the rest of the round backing up and trying not to get hit.

Round two-
Peters still can't find the boxing stance he wants to box from as he switches from right to left. By this point, it's a matter of time before Bungum takes control as Peters has made it up in his mind that Bungum is too strong. Both boxers haven't thrown a punch in the opening seconds of the bout, but Bungum lands a right that hurts Peters and causes Erikson to give Peters another count. Peters make the count and moves trying to stay away as Bungum lands another right that hurts Peters and Erikson puts an end to the bout.

Result: RSC Bungum wins Rd 2

Bout 7: 178 lbs
Nick Burholz, red gloves White Bear faced Ryan Peel, blue gloves, Brunette boxing

Round one- Peel comes out throwing jabs followed by right hands. Burholz is reactive and moving but isn't landing. Burholz is near his corner and is hit with a left right combo and Erikson gives him a standing eight. Burholz make the count as the bell to end the round sounds.

Round two- Burholz switches from right to left stance but isn't landing as Peel isn't confused by the switch up at all. Peel puts pressure on Burholz and Burholz covers up. Burholz attempts to throw a punch that misses and does a full circle spin and gets hit and Erickson gives Burholz another standing eight. Erikson puts an end to the match after he reaches the count of three.

Result: RSC Peel wins in Rd 2.


Bout 8: 145 lbs
Ryan Potack, red gloves, Team Amos faced Sam Skramstad, blue gloves, St. Cloud

Round one - Skramstad coming off a KO win several weeks ago looked to continue his winning ways as he and Potack each received knockdowns and standing eight counts. Skramstad comes out fast as he hits Potack with a right that causes Potack to cover up on the ropes. Potack is given a standing eight and is able to continue and then Potack lands two good blows that forces Skramstad to cover up. Potack hits Skramstad with a right and Skramstad holds as the bell for round one ends.

Round two- Potack comes out strong and lands good blows to the head of Skramstad. Skramstad tries to fire back but is hit with a punch and falls to the canvas. Skramstad is giving a standing eight and is OK to continue, but he gets hit with another blow and is hurt again and looses his mouth piece; Skramstad is given another standing eight as the bell sounds to end round two.

Round three- Skramstad comes out with his gloves high and lands a right that puts Potack on the canvas. Potack is able to continue and he and Skramstad both trade shots with Potack getting the better of the exchanges. But Skramstad lands a furry of punches that sends Potack down and this time, Potack is slow to get to his feet. He makes the count, but Referee Erikson calls time so the doctor can look at Potack's bloody nose and after several seconds, the fight is stopped as Potack is in no condition to continue.
RSC Skramstad wins Rd 3.

Bout 9: 115 lbs
Damian Thompson, red gloves Leech Lake Team faced Brad Heroff, blue gloves, Brunette boxing

Round one- Heroff comes out jabbing and throwing good right hands and giving angles. Heroff's speed and aggression is too much for Thompson as Heroff is forcing Thompson around the ring and landing the better blows to end round one.

Round two- Is similar as Heroff is the aggressor and lands a big shot to the head of Thompson causing referee Erikson to give Thompson a standing eight count. Thompson is OK to continue, but Erikson has the doctor look at Thompson's bloody nose. The doctor gives the OK for the bout to continue and Heroff jumps on him as Thompson send the rest of the round running trying to avoid Heroff.

Round three- Heroff comes out jabbing and lands left and right punches to the head of Thompson and Thompson covers up offering nothing back and Erikson calls a halt to the bout.

Result RSC Heroff wins Rd 3




Bout 10: 147 lbs "Co-Main Event"

Andrew Quaderer, red gloves, Rice Street Gym faced Chris Bruce, blue gloves, Brunette Boxing
Round one- Bruce comes out circling and lands several punches to the head of Quaderer in the opening seconds that force Referee Erikson to give Quaderer a standing eight count. The bout continues and Bruce gives angles and throws combinations and hurts Quaderer again. As Erikson starts the count, Quaderer's corner throws in the towel to end the bout.
Result Bruce wins Rd 1.



Bout 11 "Main Event" Super Heavy weight
Mike Robinson, red gloves, Leech Lake Team faced Delano Henton, blue gloves, Brunette boxing

At 9:37 PM Henton and Robinson made their way to the ring and Henton receives a huge ovation as his family and friends cameout in numbers to support him.
Round one- Both boxers meet in center of the ring and Henton has his hands held high and throws several good jabs. For a big man, Henton is able to move and gives angles while landing 1-2 combo which cause fans to yell. Robinson looks to land but Henton makes him miss and lands a hard right that forces Referee Erikson to stop the action and send Robinson to the doctor because of a bloody nose Robinson receives. Robinson is able to continue after a minute, but can't do anything with Henton as Henton continues to jab to end round one.

Round two- Its clear Henton has the better boxing skills and is too fast for Robinson. The fans' energy is helping to keep Henton pumped. Henton continues to land the jab at will and Erikson stops the action and sends Robinson to the doctor so that Robinson's bloody nose can be checked again. The bout continues but the bells sounds to end the round.

Round three- It's clear who the winner is if Henton can stay on his feet and not get caught as he continues to jab Robinson silly, and give good angles and tie up inside. After the boxers break, Henton lands a double right hand and rocks Robinson in the neutral corner and Robinson receives a standing eight. He's OK to continue and Henton takes his time and goes back to using the jab followed by rights to end round three.
Result: Henton wins decision.

Next Brunette show is January 20th 2007