Saint Paul RiverCentre Show Results
Photos and Report by Jesse Kelley


Armando Velardez (19-3) of San Bernardino, CA won a 10 round unanimous decision Friday night over Rudy Lovato (20-30) of Denver, Colorado at the RiverCentre in Saint Paul, Minnesota.Velardez pressured Lovato for most of the bout but seemed a little off his game and confused at times with the awkward style of Lovato.
It looked like it was going to be a short fight by the way Velardez rushed Lovato as soon as the bell sounded to start the fight. However, the pace slowed over the next few rounds after the initial attack from Velardez. Lovato did a good job of avoiding the full force of the punches throughout the bout by either covering up, clinching or sometimes even running! The eighth round was perhaps the most exciting round of the fight. Both fighters fought in the center of the ring. A hard right hand to the head from Velardez backed Lovato to the ropes and had him hurt early on. Lovato fired back with a good right hand of his own moments later that landed but did not have the same effect as Velardez's did. Things settled down again for the last two rounds. The final scores were 100-90 twice and 99-97 in favor of Velardez. After the fight, Velardez stated that it was not his best performance, and that he did not feel he had the same energy as he did the last time he fought in Minnesota back on August 19th when he stopped local favorite Matt Vanda.

In the co-main event, Mohammed Kayongo (11-0-1) of St. Paul, Mn knocked out Reggie Nash (9-10) of Grand Rapids, Michigan at 2:07 of the first round. Kayongo floored Nash early with a overhand right to the head. Kayongo continued to hit Nash as he was falling and when he eventually hit the canvas. Referee Jerry Legarde began to start the count but stopped as Nash's corner began screaming furiously that their fighter was hit when he was on the canvas. After some confusion, Legarde ended up taking 2 points from Kayongo and awarded Nash 5 minutes to recuperate. Nash was moving pretty well after the time out but it wouldn't last. Kayongo trapped Nash along the ropes and connected with another right to the head. He followed with a hurtful hook to the body that stopped Nash in his tracks and sent him to the canvas again. Nash was not able to recover from the shot and was counted out.

Alex Velardez (14-1) of San Bernardino knocked out Richard Conchas (4-6) of Las Vegas, Nevada at 1:54 of the second round. It was a hard right hook to the body that put Conchas down. Despite the effort, Conchas just could not get up from the punch. Referee Bobby Brunette counted him out.

Heavyweight prospect Raphael Butler (7-0) of Rochester, Mn continued to walk through his opponents in quick fashion. A hard left-right to the head put his opponent David Cleage (1-3-1) of Columbus, Ohio down. Surprisingly, Cleage rose to his feet to continue. Moments later a straight right hand layed Cleage out on the ropes. Referee Bobby Brunette stopped the fight only 35 seconds into the first round.

"The Showstopper" Ben Dayee of Minneapolis, Mn won his pro debut by knocking out Charles Daye (0-9-1) of Columbus, Ohio .

Tony Grygelko (2-0)of Anoka,Mn won an exciting four round unanimous decision over Brian Paul (4-10) of Lima, Ohio.