Brunette Boxing Amateur Show
April 24th, 2004

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Report by Ryan Hamilton

Last night the Brunette's hosted a Golden Gloves Amatuer show.

Starting the night off were 4th streets' Cody Hall and Chippewa Falls' Andrew Methany. These sixty five pounders fought for 3 rounds. Cody Hall won be dec.

Next were 100 pounders, Ricky Johnson from ACR and Adrian Martinez from Milwaukee. In the first round Martinez landed SO many punishing body shots. Johnson got a standing eight in the first round and thats as far as the fight got. The ref stopped the contest and Adrian Martinez won.

Tony Marcial from UMAIC and Milwaukees' Andrew Sherard were the 105 pounders. Maybe it was just me but I noticed a major difference in size when these guys entered the ring. This fight only lasted a few seconds. Tony Marcial got pummeled. Sherard won by stoppage.

Next were, 115 pounders Wisconsin Rapids' Cody Strey and The Brunette's own Sir Barnes.

Strey dominated the beginning of this fight. They engaged in a vicious exchange at the end of the first round. Barnes just didn't throw enough punches in this fight. Strey out punched Barnes and won by dec.

120 pounder Hector Aldrete went up against Milwaukees' Luis Arias.

*I usually shy away from voicing my own opinion when it comes to writing these results BUT I will make an exception because the result of this fight was tra-gic!*

Aldrete threw a few punches and landed even less. Arias out punched, and outboxed Aldrete. Arias was ALWAYS one step ahead of him throughout the whole fight. Arias was a heavy hitter and his right hand was like whoa! And when he got tired he used his jab to keep Aldrete away. Right before the bell Arias landed 3 HUGE punches, 2 to the body 1 to the head. That, to me, pretty much sealed the deal. Or so I thought. Hector Aldrete WON by Dec.

Erick Cruz from Milwaukee beat CODs' Jamal James. Brunettes' Jon Jones beat ACRs' Jeremy Kirchner.

Milwaukees' Andre Sherard looked to be bit to much for COD's Jose Hilario in the first round.

Hilario stepped it up a bit in the second round but he just couldn't keep up with Sherard.

Sherard won by dec.

Javontae Starks from COD and Joe Mahr from Wisconsin Rapids fought in the 135 pound division.

In the first round Starks got hit to much. But in the second round he picked up the pace. Joe Mahr got a standing 8 count in the second round. Joe Mahr was wobbly on his feet. Luckily the bell rang a few second after his standing 8 and he got back to his ring where he told his corner he couldn't breath. The doc ran over but didn't stop the fight. Mahr went on to win the fight by Dec.

In the Super Heavy Weight division, Delano Henton from Brunettes' beat Milwaukees' Christian Quinonez.

4th street gyms' Scott Ball fought Milwaukees' Marvel Wilder in a 4 round, 147 pound match up.

Wilder Dominated the first round. In the second round it looked as though Ball was gonna have his way with Wilder but he was saved by the bell. In the third round they both threw a high volume of punches. That was a very exciting round. In the fourth round Wilder had 2 standing 8 counts in a row and Scott ball went on to win by Dec.

The last fight of the night was a 4 round bout between 4th Streets' Miguel Galvin and Brunettes' Tony Lee. Lee's corner stopped the fight at the end of the 3 round. Galvan won by dec.

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