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Uppercut Boxing Gym held their traditional monthly amateur boxing card Saturday November 18th 2006 as a packed house was treated to 14 bouts!
By Ray Kilgore


Bout 1: 145 lbs
Ben LaRue, red gloves, Gorilla Combat faced James Gandy, blue gloves Brown Boxing Gym

Seconds into round one, the action was fast as Gandy landed jabs and 1-2 combos as LaRue stalked him. Gandy seemed to have a game plan to deal with LaRue's aggression and Gandy landed a hard right to the head of LaRue but LaRue still came forward. Brown landed more three rights as LaRue covered up on the ropes; LaRue attempted a left, but Gandy seen the punch and moved out of the way. LaRue had a bloody nose as the round ended.

Round two was LaRue most difficult because Gandy picked up the pace by giving angles and landed hard shots. Gandy was the aggressor and forced LaRue to the ropes and landed more combos that forced Referee Scott Erickson to give LaRue an eight count. The action resumed and Gandy took his time and looked for openings as round two ended.

By round three, the bout was over as Gandy started strong and put LaRue on the ropes and landed a hard punch. Erickson gave LaRue another standing count and when the action resumed, it was all Gandy as he hit a bloodied LaRue with an overhand right near the ropes which sent blood spattering on the canvas, on the nearby judge and on this writer. After the standing eight, Gandy came out strong again and connected with more hard right hands and LaRue was given another count; by this time Referee Erikson had seen enough and stopped the contest.
Result: Gandy wins RSC

Bout 2: 55 lbs
Dane Long, red gloves, St. Cloud Boxers workout Gym faced Alex Rothbauer, blue gloves Chippewa Falls Gym

Long and Rothbauer were the smallest boxers on the card but that didn't stop them from giving fans all action to start round one. Long came out running toward Rothbauer and landed a hard right that threw Rothbauer off balance. Rothbauer regained his footing and was now the aggressor moving forward with his hands held high. Both boxers took turns landing punches to end round one. The second and third rounds were close and both boxers gave their all.
Result: Long wins decision

Bout 3: 90 lbs
Carlos Martinez, red gloves, White Bear Lake Gym faced Angelo Flores, blue gloves MSU Gym

In round one, fans were treated to good action as Martinez and Flores started strong throwing non stop punches. Flores, who looked the bigger of the two, backed Martinez to the corner and threw several punches; Martinez sensing danger, moved out of the way and took the action to the center ring where he landed good punches. The boxers traded shots but it was Flores who seems to take round one. By rounds two and three, Flores has established he will be the aggressor for the rest of the bout and Martinez looks to be the counter puncher.
Flores wins decision

Bout 4: Rematch from a week ago 120 lbs
Tomas Witte, red gloves Uppercut Gym faced Dillon Mason, blue gloves White Bear Gym

The opening minutes of round one looked like the results were going to be similar to last weekend as Witte came out strong and applied aggression which Mason had trouble with style wise last time. But Mason, determined to showcase his boxing skills, was able to give Witte angles to offset Witte's aggression. Mason landed several good 1-2 combos and Witte
needed to find a way to adjust. Mason did a good job of mixing up his style to end round one.

By round two, the biggest change Mason made was to not let Witte overwhelm him with punches. Mason forced the action to the center ring and landed two good shots, but Witte backed Mason to the ropes and landed punches of his own. Witte continued to be the aggressor throwing shots but Mason was able to fire back and reset by giving angles. Mason looked the fresher of the two as he landed a hard right to Witte's head, but Witte continued to move forward. At the end of round two, Witte threw more punches but Mason's was more effective.

Round three started with both boxers moving forward and trading shots. Witte hits Mason and Mason goes down but it was from being off balance. The action resumed and Witte landed several punches to the head of Mason and three unanswered body shots before the boxers clinch. Witte seemed in control of round three and Mason looked like he was having problems getting his feet under him. But this evening Mason was the clear winner as the round ended.
Result: Mason wins decision.

Bout 5: 135 lbs
Sam Skaamstad, red gloves, St. Cloud Boxers Workout Gym faced John Pickard, blue gloves Gorilla Combat Gym.

Skaamstad started strong throwing several punches that moved Pickard from corner to corner. Skaamstad continued his aggression and Pickard looked as if he couldn't deal with the pressure and swung just to keep Skaamstad off of him. Several seconds later, Skaamstad landed a hard right to the head of Pickard near the ropes as Pickard missed a hard blow.

Both boxers come out strong and traded shots. Pickard seemed to have made in between round adjustments and landed a solid 1-2 right hand to Skaamstad's head. Skaamstad still in control hit Pickard with a good blow and Pickard starts to circle. Skaamstad forced Pickared to the ropes and both boxers' traded shots. Skaamstad landed two more hard rights and Pickared covered up in the neutral corner as the bell sounded to end the round.

By round three, both boxers looked tired but came out swinging. Skaamstad seemed to do the most damage as Pickared dipped his head into Skaamstad's shots.
Result: Pickard wins a questionable decision

Bout 6: 157 lbs
James Okoth, red gloves, Uppercut Gym faced Gunther Maniffa, blue gloves American Indian Gym.

Both boxers started strong and landed hard head shots. Both boxers seemed in rhythm with each other as when one jabbed the other jabbed, when one backed off the other did as well.

Round two seen more action as Okoth gave angles while Maniffa applied pressure. Okoth landed a hard right to the head of Maniffa which prompted Maniffa to try and fire his own hard punch but missed. Okoth landed a solid jab and right and Maniffa came back with his own combos. Maniffa bobbed and weaved and each boxer took turns being the aggressor to end another close round.

In round three, both boxers came on stronge and landed hard head and body blows. Okoth landed a solid right to the head of Maniffa that looked like it backed Maniffa up but Maniffa was more off balance. As round three came to an end, both boxers picked up the pace and traded blows in another round that was difficult to score.
Result: Okoth wins decision

Bout 8: "Master"
Chris Reinke, red gloves Uppercut Gym faced Scott Kelm, blue glove, St. Cloud Boxing Gym

Reinke started round one jabbing as Kelm looked to counter. Reinke landed several good body shots and followed up with head shots which forced Kelm to cover up. Both men offered good action but it was the bigger Reinke who was in control of round one.

In round two, Reinke picked up where he left off jabbing and applying aggression. Kelm blocked many of Reinke's blows and attempted to fire body shots of his own, but Reinke kept him on the defensive most of the evening. Kelm was able to land a solid head shot toward the end of the round, but Reinke countered with a good jab and right of his own.

In round three, Reinke landed a counter right that rocked Kelm but Kelm was able to regain his balance and landed two good jabs. Kelm was now the aggressor and Reinke hit him with a right that sent Kelm to one knee. Kelm made the count and Reinke picked up where he left off with jabs and rights as the final bell sounded.

Result: Reinke wins decision

Bout 9: 125 lbs
Amanda Rothbauer, red gloves, Chip Falls Gym faced Jen DeFory, MSU Gym

This bout took place after the intermission and these young ladies didn't give fans time to digest their food or settle in their seats as both boxers came out looking to take each other out. Rothbauer threw every punch with mean intentions while DeFory gave her angles. Rothbauer missed with several hard shots while DeFory kept her cool looked for openings. Rothbauer was able to pin DeFory on the ropes and landed blows as round one came to an end.

Round two picked up where round one left off with Rothbauer throwing hard shots but missing several of them. Rothbauer punches came at different angles and DeFory was off balance and hit the canvas. When the action resumed, Rothbauer slowed down somewhat but still landed the better blows as DeFory attempted to counter and looked for combos to end round two.

By round three, Rothbauer seemed to be in control of the bout and DeFory sensed this and picked up the pace and landed a hard jab that snapped Rothbauer's head back. Rothbauer landed the clearer shots although she backed up most of the round.
Result: DeFory wins controversial decision

Bout 9: 175 lbs
Cassey Webber, red gloves Gorilla Combat, faced Sir Layron Brown, blue gloves AIC gym

Both boxers started strong and took turns trading shots. Webber landed a hard 1-2 near the ropes but Brown wasn't bothered. Brown landed a good 1-2 of his own and Webber came back with a hard right. Both boxers were not willing to give in as the round comes to an end.

Both boxers pick up the action and trade shots. Brown is forced to the far ropes and Webber landed several right hands and body shots but Brown isn't hurt. Webber gets a warring for hitting with an open glove and when the action continued, Webber landed a hard hook followed by a right that forced Brown to cover up on the ropes. Brown received a standing eight and was OK to continue. Brown fired back throwing shots with his head down and Webber landed another punch that caused Referee Erikson to give Brown another count. Erikson tells Brown to raise his gloves to show he's OK and Brown puts his head down and Erikson calls a halt to the bout.
Result: Webber wins in round two on RSC.


Bout 10: 190 lbs
Jeremy Valentine, red gloves, St. Cloud Golden Gloves, faced Nick Urista, blue gloves, Brown Gym

In round one, Urista started jabbing while Valentine circled looking for an opening. Valentine put Urista on the ropes and worked his body but Urista was able to fight off as the two traded shots in the neutral corner. Valentine landed two jabs and Urista countered with two right hands that backed Valentine to the ropes as the round ended.

Round two and three were similar as Urista was the aggressor and landed good blows but Valentine wasn't hurt at all in the bout. Valentine continued to wait for an opening and Urista was still the aggressor.
Result: Urista wins decision

Bout 11: Super Heavyweights
Rick Lindquist, red gloves Westside Boxing Gym, faced Stacy Beaty, blue gloves, Calidonia Gym

In round one, both boxers kept a good pace for big men as Beaty came out strong but Lindquist responded with a big right that forced Beaty to readjust. Lindquist was the aggressor and backed Beaty to the ropes, but Beaty was able to land a right that sent Lindquist to the ropes more from being off balance rather than being hurt. Both boxers took turns and had their moments to end round one.

In round two Beatly is still the aggressor and landed the better shots as Lindquist looked off balanced and moved around the ring. Lindquist landed a hard right that snapped Lindquist's head back as Referee Erikson jumped in and gave Lindquist an eight count. Lindquist was OK and the bout continued but the bell ended soon after. Lindquist walked to his corner and yelled a profanity as he was frustrated with himself.
By round three, both boxers look tired but Beatly continued to land the better shots to end round three.
Result: Beatly wins a decision

Bout 12: 135 lbs
Hoshang Ismail, red gloves, White Bear gym faced Matt Carlson, blue gloves, AIC gym

This bout could be candidate of the year as both boxers provided non stop action. When round one started, fans were in for a treat when both boxers came out blazing. Carlson threw several jabs and Ismail, tried to control his warfare mentality, boxed and picked his shots. But it was a matter of time before Ismail reverted back to his "fighting" as he landed hard head and body shots while Carlson was on the ropes. Carlson, who was rumored to have had a weight advantage, wasn't hurt and came back and fired jabs of his own. Ismail threw fast shots and circled while Carlson attempted to walk him down by jabbing and applying pressure. Toward the end of round one, Carlson landed a hard right jab followed by a right to the head of Ismail.

In round two, Carlson hunted Ismail and he looked to do damage with every punch he threw. Both boxers traded blows in the center of the ring and Carlson threw a thunderous right that buckled the knees of Ismail and sent him staggering to the neutral corner. The referee gave Ismail an eight count. After the count, Ismail came back and fired a punch to the head of Carlson; but Carlson was on a mission and his goal was to put Ismail in the second row with a right hand that missed as the bell for round two ended.

By round three, both boxers looked fresh and exchanged hard shots. The building was rocking as fans cheered each boxer who gave it their all.

Result: Ismail wins decision

Bout 13: 165 lbs
Deondre Smith, red gloves, Uppercut Gym, faced Antonio Urlisa, blue gloves MSU

In Smith's last several bouts, his speed and boxing skills have been too much for opponents and this bout was no different. In round two, Smith forced two standing eight counts and in round three he boxed Urlisa silly.

Result: Smith wins easy decision




160 lbs "Main Event"

Justin Griffin, red gloves, White Bear Gym faced David Carlson, blue gloves Chip Fall Gym

In round one both boxers started out jabbing and throwing hard shots. Carlson looked physically stronger of the two and backed Griffin to the ropes several times. Carlson hit Griffin with a left hook body shot and Griffin had a delayed reaction and bent slightly over from the punch but didn't go down; surprisingly, Carlson didn't jump on Griffin but he clearly took round one.

In round two, Griffin came out strong and landed jabs and hard body shots. Griffin landed 1-2 combos and gave Carlson angles. Carlson looked tired and Griffin landed the better blows to end round two

By round three, Griffin was in total control of the bout as his jabs and 1-2 combos were too much for Carlson. Griffin continued to outwork Carlson and landed hard blows, and toward the end of the round, Griffin landed a hard right that hurt Carlson and forced him to hold.

Result: Griffin wins decision