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Uppercut Boxing Gym held their traditional amateur Show Saturday December 9th 2006
Next UpperCut Show is February 3, 2007

By Ray Kilgore


1: 159 lbs
Josh Cohen, red gloves, Westside Boxing faced Nate Peterson, blue gloves Boxers WO

Round one- Cohen comes out circling and moving while Peterson is the aggressor. Cohen lands several jabs and Peterson misses with two wild rights. Peterson stalks and is able to land two hard rights in the neutral corner as Cohen covers up on the ropes; Cohen seems to have difficulties with Peterson's aggression as Peterson backs Cohen up for most of round one.

Round two- Choen started strong landing several jabs while Peterson ducks and paws with the jab. Peterson continues to land the better blows and is the aggressor to end round two.

Final round - Looks similar to the others as Choen uses his jab while Peterson continues to be the aggressor working the inside. Neither boxer lands solid blows, but because Peterson is the aggressor and backs Choen to the ropes for most of the bout, he looks in complete control.
Result: Peterson wins decision

Bout 2 158 lbs
Chester Spears, red gloves, AIC gym faced Anthony Schleusner, blue gloves, Westside gym

Round one- Spears comes out and lands two right hands in the opening minutes of the bout, while Schleusner doesn't offer anything in return. Minutes later, Scheusner, picks up the pace and lands several hard blows that put Spears on the ropes. Schleusner backs Spears to the neutral corner and lands several unanswered blows to the head of Spears and the referee gives Spears an eight count. Spears continues and Schleusner jumps on him and backs him to the ropes again and lands a huge right to the head of Spears that forces the referee to gave Spears another count. After the count, Schleusner was all over Spears, and Spears is given another count and by this time, the referee had seen enough and stops the bout.
Result: Schleusner wins RSC

Bout 3 194 lbs
Brent Anderson, red gloves, White Bear Lake Gym faced Vince Callaway, blue gloves Westside Gym

Round one- Both Anderson and Callaway start strong and Callaway uses his jabbed to set his big punch up, while Anderson keeps his right pinned to his face and lands hard body and head shots. Callaway is able to force Anderson to the far ropes and lands several unanswered blows as round one ends.

Round two- Callaway circles while trying to use his jab and Anderson picks up his aggression and lands several strong body and head blows; but the shots seem to have a bigger impact on Calloway then they do because Calloway keeps moving and jerking to avoid the blows.

Final round- The bout seems like it could go either way and Callaway comes out landing the better jabs and one/two blows; but Anderson's aggression and good body work are effective as well. Towards the end of the round, Callaway looks tired and Anderson is scoring the better shots.
Result Anderson wins decision

Bout 4 148 lbs
Heather Hutchins, red gloves Chip Falls faced Aynna Pelletier, blue gloves Winnipeg

Round one- both boxers come out strong but Pelletier has the better boxing skills. Hutchins is in the habit of throwing punches while dipping to her right with her head exposed. Pelletier circles and keeps her defense tight while Hutchins looks use right hands.

Round two- Starts like round one with Hutchins trying to apply pressure and Pelletier moving and landing, however, this time, Pelletier is able to time Hutchins with a right as Hutchins dips with her jab extended; Pelletier's punch rocks Hutchins and makes her turned her back to the ropes and cover up. Hutchins is given an eight count and is upset about the count as she throws a punch at the ropes. Hutchins is OK to continue and moments later Pellertier lands a light jab followed by a hard right to the head of Hutchins that sends her face down to the canvas for several minutes. The medical team is able to help Hutchins to her feet and stool and she seems OK .



Result: Pelletier wins round one on RSC

Bout 5 162 lbs
Deondre Smith, red gloves, Uppercut Gym, faced Hasen Chessie, red gloves, Winnipeg Gym.

Round one- Smith comes out jabbing and lands a hard right to the head of Chessie which causes the referee to give Chessie an eight count. Chessie makes the count andseems OK as he looks to land blows of his own. Smith's plan is to counter and make him pay. Both boxers trade in the center of the ring although neither is hurt but the stage has been set as Chessie is able to back Smith to the ropes several times as Smith's last three opponents were not able to do this.

Round two- both boxers come out jabbing and Smith has the advantage because of his speed and is able to back the slower Chessie to the ropes. However, Chessie keeps his defense tight and is able to land the better blows. Chessie is the aggressor and lands good body shots and counters Smith after making him miss with several jabs. Smith circles and lands good blows to end a close round two.

Final round- Chessie comes out strong and backs Smith to the ropes. Smith trades with the seemly bigger Chessie, and Smith realizes that's not the best choice and goes back to giving angles. Chessie's pressure is wearing Smith down, and Chessie is forcing Smith to the ropes while landing hard shots, but Smith is trying to fire back. Smith is winded and moves to the neutral corner without being forced there. Smith's hands are down and he is hit with a big shot that causes the referee to give him an eight count. As Referee Scott Erikson is giving Smith the count, Smith jumps up and down trying to get his legs working flowing again. Smith beats the count and the bell sounds to end the round.
Result: Smith wins decision

Bout 6 140 lbs "Co -Feature"
Sam Skamstad, red gloves, Boxers WO Gym faced Matt Wright, blue gloves Caledonia gym

Round one- Both boxers start strong but Skamstad lands the harder shots and backs Wright to the neutral corner; Skamstad lands a hard blow that force the referee to give Wright an eight count. After the standing eight, Skamstad jumps on Wright and backs him to the corner again and lands another right that causes the referee to give Wright another standing eight. Wright is Ok to continue but it's just a matter of time as Skamstad jumps on him again and lands a hard blow and Wright covers up. Referee Bobby Brunette gives Wright another standing eight and after Brunette reaches five, he waves the bout off.

Result: Skramstad wins round one on RSC

Bout 8: "Main Event"
Justin Griffin, red gloves White Bear faced Matt Morgan, blue gloves, Winnipeg gym

Round one- Griffin comes out throwing wild punches Morgan keeps his defense tight and sees most of Griffin's blows. Morgan lands two solid one/two blows and hits Griffin with a right that sends him off balance. Morgan is trying to walk Griffin down by landing one/two blows but Griffin is firing back as the round ends.

Round two- Both boxers meet each other in the center of the ring and Griffin tries to land a one/two blow but Morgan takes a step back and time Griffin with a counter punch. Griffin forces the action but Morgan is picking his shots and landing good ones.

Round three- Both boxers meet in the center of the ring and Griffin looks. Morgan is able to land two hard head bows and Griffin is getting sloppy with his blows as he punches and leans in and holds. Griffin's punches look telegraphed and are mostly arm shots as Morgan looks in control. Griffin's legs look unsteady as round three comes to an end.

Final round- Griffin comes out running towards Morgan and lands two good shots but Griffin's punches are wide and Morgan is able to land a hard counter blow to Griffin's head. Morgan lands a hard upper cut and right that forces Griffin to hold. Griffin throws a blow and almost looses his footing. Morgan looks strong as he lands another hard right and Griffin to his credit tries to fire back, but his punches are wide and looping. Morgan lands another right and left to Griffin's head and Griffin wobbles, more from exhaustion verses being hurt. Griffin throws a right from a few inches away and Morgan steps back and lands a hard right that causes Referee Brunette to give Griffin a standing eight. Griffin is able to continue, but its clear Morgan is the one who is able to think more clearly of the two as his punches move a tired Griffin around the ring.
Result: Morgan wins decision



Next Upper Cut Show is February 3, 2007