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St. Cloud Boxing Golden Gloves held their 2nd Annual Armed Forces Appreciation show Saturday November 11th, 06
By Ray Kilgore

Bout 1: 100 LBS
Dylan Mason, red gloves, White Bear Lake, vs. Tomas Witte Uppercut Gym,

Mason starts round one throwing many punches, but Witte is the aggressor and ducks under most of Mason's shots. Mason seems confused by Witte's constant aggression as Mason is backed from corner to corner. Mason is reactive although he lands two hard right hands to the head of Witte as the bell sounds. By round two, its clear Witte is too strong for Mason, as Witte lands blows that back Mason to the ropes several times. Witte works Mason's body and head.

By round three, Mason looks physically spent, but he comes out strong throwing punches that are mostly arm shots. Witte continues is aggression as Mason leaves himself exposed to counters and jabs. Although Witte seemed sloppy at times with his aggression, Mason can't capitalize as the bell for round three ends, and a tired Mason heads back to his corner and puts his hands over the ropes with his head looking down at the canvas.
End result: Witte wins decision

Bout 2: 165 lbs
Justin Griffin, red gloves White Bear Lake, verses Trent Petro, blue gloves Wadena
Griffin starts with several jabs but Petro makes it known he will be in this bout skill wise and throws his own counter jabs. Griffin continues to throw jabs but he's countered by a left from Petro. Petro throws a jab followed up by a hard right as Griffin ducks right into the punch. Both boxers take turn being the aggressor and countering each other. As the comes to an end, Petro throws a jab, but Griffin counters with two big right of his own that doesn't faze Petro as the even round comes to an end.

Griffin starts round two moving and lands a hard jab and right hand. But Petro is standing in front of Griffin taking his best shots and firing back. Both boxers trade right hands, however, because Griffin is bouncing up and down trying to time his movement to avoid Petro's punch, it looks as if Petro's shots are doing damage when in fact Griffin is more off balance. Griffin didn't appear hurt at no time neither did Petro. Both boxers continued to take turns jabbing and throwing wide looping punches that a blind man could see.

By round three, both boxers know the bout is for the taken and Griffin comes out strong throwing a hard jab followed by a solid right; but, Petro is landing hard punches of his own in return. Both boxers move to the middle ropes and trade huge shots, but it was Griffin who seemed to get the better of the exchanges, as for the first time in the bout, Petro backs to the rope and cover up while throwing punches with his head down. Both boxers are throwing arm punches and are tired. But Griffin seems to have the better of the two as the bell sounds; its clear Griffin took the round.
End result: Petro wins controversial decision

Bout 3: 190 lbs
Vince Callaway, red gloves Westside boxing, vs. Jeremy Moe, blue gloves St. Cloud Golden Gloves Gym

Moe was the hometown favorite but Callaway made it clear his plans were to steal the show as he comes out throwing jab and rights and left to a defensive Moe whose covering up. Moe is now able to adjust to Callaway's jab and movement and Moe is the aggressor but isn't effective. Moe lands punches to the gloves of Callaway, but as soon as Callaway fires back, Moe returns to his defensive posture. Moe is now reduced to throwing one punch at a time but the shots are missing by wide margins. When Moe attempts to throw a punch, he keeps his head in the air and Callaway is able to counter.

Round two is similar with Moe trying to throw all KO shots but since his blows are telegraphed, Callaway is able to see all of them and steps back and counter most the round. By round three, it clear Callaway is on his way to a victory if he doesn't get sloppy.
End result: Callaway wins easy decision

Bout 4: 150 lbs ?
Josh Cohen, red gloves Westside Boxing vs. Collin Frie, blue gloves St. Cloud Golden Gloves Gym

This bout started badly for Cohen who was first not in the ring as the match was ready to take place. Cohen's coach Tony Love had to locate the boxer. To make matters worse, Cohen had a string hanging from his trunks that needed clipping, and it got worse when he needed tape around the waist of his trunks. But once the bout started, both boxers were determined to win. Cohen moved and jabbed while Frie used his jab and 1-2 combos to land the better blows to end round one.

In round two, Cohen starts strong landing fast combos while Frie missed the majority of his shots. Cohen slowed his pace and had the bad habit of leaning straight back with his head in the air. Frie picked up the pace toward the end of the round and he seemed take the round by landing the better punches and stronger jabs.

In round three, both boxers exchange blows in a surprising move from Frie who seemly had the bout won. By the middle of the round, Frie picked up the pace and took control with his jab.

End result: Cohen wins a controversial decision.

Bout 5 165 lbs
Joe Devorak, red gloves Fargo Gym vs. Brian Nigel, blue gloves Westside boxing

Nigel was so hyper you can feel his energy from ringside. He threw punches that resembled a boxer needing to be relieved mental pressure rather than aiming his shots to win the bout. Devorak didn't have to do much but land 1-2 punches as Nigel's inability to settle down left him open. Rounds two and three were similar as Nigel beat himself in this bout.

End result: Devorak wins decision

Bout 6: 201 lbs

Rob Howard, red gloves, Westside boxing vs. Erick Lamb, blue gloves St. Cloud

Why Howard took this bout when he looked like the only training he did was to lift pizza and drink soda is confusing. Howard was completely out of shape and it showed early as he came out throwing sloppy off balance punches. In fact, Howard was so off balance, minutes into the opening round; Lamb put a little body weight on Howard which caused Howard to tumble to the matt. After Howard made it to his feet, Lamb was all over Howard who covered up. Howard attempted to throw shots but they were clubbing ones that left himself open. Lamb took advantage of Howard's lack of skill by landing a hard right putting Howard down in his own corner. Referee Gary Miezwa ended the action after a ten count.
End result: Lamb wins referee stops' contest in round one.

Bout 8: "Co-Main Event"
120 lbs

Dustin Mason, red gloves White Bear Lake, vs. Brent Steward, blue gloves

Mason comes out fast but Steward looks to time him and sees all Mason's shots. Mason is the aggressor and is moving forward and he is somewhat reckless and is countered with a good right. Mason tries to throw a jab but is countered, and Mason is into the habit of leaning down while throwing a jab several inches away from the taller Steward. Mason settles down a little, and Steward continues to look for the "perfect" punch as round one ends.

At the start of round two, both boxers start fast and take turn landing good blows. Mason is moving and has calmed down; yet its Steward who seems to land the better blows by figuring out he could time Mason coming in.

In round three, Mason realizes the bout is close and he starts strong, but unlike the first two rounds, Mason is getting inside of Steward's reach and he is landing hard blows causing Steward to adjust his headgear several times. Steward is now on the defensive and seems to have problems figuring out how to stop Mason's inside work. Mason lands the harder body and head blows which cause fans to get excited as the round ends.

End result: Mason wins decision

Bout 9 "Main Event"
C.J. Butler, red gloves Twin Port Duluth vs. Jose Hillario, blue gloves Circle of Discipline

Billed as the "Main Event," both boxers start round one fast throwing hard punches and moving forward. Butler lands a good body punch, but Hillario counters with a right of his own. Hillario backs Butler to the ropes near Hillario's corner and lands blistering body and head shots. Butler counters but misses and slips and hit the canvas. After the action resumes, its Butler who's now in control of the round by landing solid body and head shots. Hillario tries to counter by throwing an uppercut from several inches away. At this point, Hillario feels confident and showboats by dropping his hands to his side. Both boxers are doing little now as round one comes to an end.

Round two picks up where round one left off but this time its Butler who has Hillario on the defensive. Butler's throwing fast combos as Hillario bobs and weaves to avoid the shots. None of Butler's punches appear to bother Hilario as he moves to the center of the ring with his left hand at his side. Hillario lands three body shots which forces Butler to dance and move. Hillario appears to have taken the edge in the bout, but goes back to showboating by dropping his hand a few feet away from Butler daring Butler to hit him. This time Butler makes him pay with a hard jab to the face as the round ends.

Round three starts slow as both boxers feel they have won the bout. Few punches are thrown, yet Hillario tries to land another uppercut while his hands are at his side and he follows up with a hard left. But Butler blocks both shots and comes back with a right hand counter of his own. Hillario fires a body shot and Butler picks up the pace with head attacks. Butler backs Hillario to the corner and works his body as the round ends.
End result: Butler wins decision