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CrossRoads Boxing hosted a good night of boxing despite ring problems

Report By Rayman Kilgore
Photos by Mil Helmer

CrossRoads boxing gym headed by Harry Davis of Hinckley, presented 17 armature bouts at the Grand Casino in Hinckley MN Saturday March 4th 2006. The fans were animated, and treated to over 3 hours of boxing of solid fights; however, the action was halted for 7 minutes as the ring started to cave when fighters from bout 15 were in action. Davis and the rest of his staff took immediate action and the remaining bouts resumed without problems.

Bout 1 75 lbs Logan O'conner vs. Antonio Dominiques

The fight was action packed from Round 1 to Round 3 and in the end; all three judges give the bout to O'conner.

Bout 2 100 lbs Brian Roseland vs. Tye Nelson

Rd 1: Nelson was the aggressor lending bigger shots and twice backing Roseland to the ropes which prompted the referee to stop the action in Rd 1. Nelson was the winner.

Bout 3 110 lbs Harold Knowlen vs. Dillon Mason

Knowlen in all black & Mason In black and gray

Rd 1: Mason pressured Knowlen most of the night landing solid jabs and body shots. The action was the same in both Rounds 2 and 3. All 3 judges scored the fight for Mason.

Bout 4 112 lbs Jessie St. John vs. Tony Marcell

Rd 1 Marcell was the aggressor landing solid right hands. In Round 2, St. John circled & picked his shots, but Marcell was still the aggressor. In Round 3, Marcell landed two solid jabs and a body shot which hurt St. John at the end of the Round. All three judges gave the bout to Marcell.

Bout 5 112 lbs Dustin Mason vs. Alex Marcell

Round 1 was uneventful as both guys waited for the perfect shot. Round 2 was similar to the first, however in round 3 both guys came out throwing wild shots, and Mason complained of a low-blow but was given an 8 count instead. All 3 judges scored the fight for Marcell.

Bout 6 138 lbs Lloyd Howard vs. Bobby Butters

Round 1 was a feeling out Rd for both fighters. In Round 2 Butters picked up the pace and landed two big shots to the head of Howard which prompted the referee to give Howard an 8 count. Butters remained the aggressor in the third round and bloodied the nose of Howard. Butters continued to landed big shots and the referee gave Howard another 8 count. The contest resumed but was stopped shortly thereafter with Butters winning in Rd 3.

Bout 7 125 lbs Forrest St. John vs. Ian Glover

St. John holds up his trophy

Rd 1. St. John jabbed and moved while Glover stalked but couldn't connect. Rd. 2 showed the taller St. John landing right hands repeatedly. Rd. 3 was similar to previous rounds and all 3 judges scored the fight for St. John.

Bout 8
119 lbs Jake Walter vs. Hoshang Ismail

Rd. 1 was competitive seeing both guys landing good shots. Rd 2 & 3 were similar to the first with both fighters landing good shots and moving forward toward each other. All 3 judges scored the fight for Ismail.

Bout 9 139 lbs Matt Carlson vs. Anthony Danaski

Rd 1 Carlson landed two hard punches while Danaski swung wildly. Rd. 2 was all Carlson lading 1-2 combos and Rd 3 was the same for Carlson. All 3 judges gave the bout to Carlson.

Bout 10 140 lbs Kurtis Deeren vs. Peter Vitale

Rd 1 & 2 Deeren was the aggressor backing Vitale to the ropes. Rd 3 saw Vitale throw wild shots to defend himself, but Deeren kept the pressure on, and bloodied Vitale's nose. All 3 judges scored the fight for Deeren.

Bout 11 145 lbs Ray Carlson vs. Jose Valasquez

Carlson in all yellow & Valasquez in Mexican colors

Rd. 1 Carlson jabbed & gave angles while Valasquez was the aggressor but not landing. Rd. 2 was much of the same but Carlson missed with a punch and fell and was hit by Valasquez who wasn't given a warning. Rd. 3 was the same as Carlson jabbed his way to a win.

Bout 12 159 lbs Waylon Snyder vs. Nick Thompson

Rd. 1 Snyder landed hard shots which prompted the referee to give Thompson an 8 count. The pace was fast. Rd. 2 Waylon landed more good shots which resulted in another 8 count for Thompson. By Rd 3, the fans were on their feet and both fighters went back and forth ignoring the referee's request to break. Thompson was now the aggressor, and landed a big right hand that caused the referee to give Waylon an 8 count. The bout continued to land hard shots when Waylon got caught with a shot that dazed him and caused the referee to stop the fight. Thompson came from behind to win in the 3rd Rd.

Bout 13 165 lbs Justin Griffin vs. Alonzo Breston

Rd 1. Griffin pressed the action with jabs. Rd. 2 was the same with Griffin landing hard shots which prompted Breston to receive two 8 counts. Rd 3 Breston receive bloody nose and two more 8 counts & the referee stopped the fight. Griffin won in Rd 3

Bout 14 165 lbs Gunther Manita vs. Anson Griggs

Manita, in purple, smiles as he can't believe the judges scorecards.

Rd 1. Manita moved but failed to land shots. Griggs was the aggressor lading two hard shots. Rd. 2 and 3 were the same showing Manita bouncing on his feet but not landing much. All 3 judges scored the fight for Griggs.

Bout 15 201+ lbs Ryan O'Brien vs. Marc Stenkiewicz

Rd 1 was sloppy with both fighters showing little skill & roughhousing tactics. At the end of Rd1, the ring started to collapse; the action was halted for 7 mins. The bout continued in Rd 2, but O'Brien appeared to hurt his arm or shoulder and couldn't continue. The fight ended in Rd 2 with Stenkiewicz as the winner.

Bout 16th 165 lbs Josh Murphy vs. Genghis Muskox

Rd 1 & 2 seen Murphy jab and counter effectively. Rd 3 was much of the same with Murphy landing solid power punches which bloodied Muskox's nose. The referee gave Muskox an 8 count. All 3 judges scored the fight for Murphy.

Bout 17th 145 lbs Weylin Davis vs.Corey Rodriguez

Davis in Gray & Rodriguez in burgundy

Rd.1 Davis backed up most of the round while Rodriguez landed several good shots. Rd. 2 was the same until Davis turned his back & complained of a low-blow but was given an 8 count instead. Rd 3, Rodriguez hit Davis with a solid shot that prompted the referee to give Davis another 8 count. All 3 judges scored the fight for Rodriguez.

Minnesota boxing would like to thank Mr. Harry Davis for a good night of boxing, and thank all the fighters for their solid efforts and providing the fans with a good night of action. Minnesota boxing would also like to thank Mr. Mil Helmer,
Independent Marketer, for supplying all photos for the event.