ACR Gym's December 17th Amateur Show Results
By Ryan Hamilton


***************Let me apologize in advance for any misspellings or mistakes in the results. There were no bout sheets at this amateur show, so I had nothing to go by. If you would like for me to correct anything please email me at Please make the subject line: "Minnesota Boxing" otherwise it may get deleted.**************

Antonio Dominquez from White Bear Lake lost to 4th Street gyms Logan O'Connor.

At 65 pounds, Nathan Scott from Brainard went up against Payton Lee from 4th Street Gym. This fight was an obvious mismatch. Scott's corner was upset because the other kid was heavier then him. Scott's corner through in the towel. Payton Lee by Retirement

Gunther Maniffa from Glovers beat White Bear Lake's Kevin Donaugh

Brainard's Stefan Branther beat Rice Street's Shan Johnson

At 170 pounds, White Bear Lake's Andrew Nelson beat Winona's Dustin Hoffman

And in the most exciting fight of the night, ACR's Caleb Truax beat Glovers' Dan Seberson. This fight was great. Dan Seberson looked to be dominating the first round, throwing powerful combinations. It wasn't until Dan Seberson punched himself out at the end of the first round, that I realized Caleb was the one that was really in control. Truax looked as though he was sitting back and waiting for the right moment to strike. He countered and waited. And then when everyone least expected Caleb Truax knocked Seberson OUT. Good job Caleb!

I enjoy watching White Bear Lake's Joey Claus fight. He has great technique and fast hands. At 105 he beat ACR's max Clifford by Dec.

At 145, Brainards John Higgenbotham beat White Bear Lakes' Anthony Dunajki by Dec.

In another mismatched fight, Nicolai Beimont's corner threw in the towel. Beimont, from
Brainard, fought ACR's Mike Hanbrich.

Justice Valentino, from Brainard, lost to White Bear Lake's Tom Londyke.

Rochesters' Michael Carbagal lost to Brainards William Machlaughlin, when his corner threw in the towel.

In the final fight of the night, ACR's Jean Vansconik beat Golden Lake's Del Taganilla by Dec.