Q&A with Darby Smart
By Jesse Kelley

Minnesota State Featherweight Champ Darby Smart is set to face Saint Paul's Allen Litzau in the main event Saturday night. The fight should be exposive not only because of the bad blood shared between the two, but also because of the contrasting styles they both have in the ring. Darby was kind enough to talk to us at tonights weigh ins about his thoughts on his opponent and also his future in the sport..

From watching you a few times, it looks like your a boxer that doesnt mind brawling also a bit. Is this the type of fight you are going to try to make with Allen, a war?

Yeah, Im going to get in there and make it rough. Throw lots of punches and make it a war.

Have you noticed any flaws, or things you will be looking to capitalize on with Litzau?

I think he can be timed with some of the things he does. He drops his right hand sometimes before he throws it. He likes to be flashy but I dont think he is going to have time to be flashy in there.

What is your take on the bad feelings you both have towards each other?

It basically started out as a joke. Then they call me on a Friday night before Easter at midnight and offered me a fight. I worked full time. So he started slamming me for not taking that fight on a days notice. And Im not going to fight him in his backyard for a decision, Id get a draw on a knockout. As long as its on mutual ground, ill fight him anywhere. We will see tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on him saying he will retire if you beat him?

I honestly cant believe any boxer would say that. We all know one punch can make or break a fight. He's way too young to retire. Even after I beat him, I still think he should fight.

I heard you just quit your job so you can concentrate full time on your boxing career, is that true?

Yeah, im giving boxing 100% now.

So obviously that has helped you for this fight then..

Yeah, Ive been training twice a day for three weeks now. Im ready.

So how far are you planning on taking your career, As far as locally and nationally?

I would like to see how far I can go with this. I think this will probably be my last fight at 126. My natural weight is between 118 and 122. I want to bring another world title back to Minnesota.