Interview with Marty Lindquist
By Greg Lowe


Marty "The Wolfman" Lindquist is on a fast track to becoming one of Minnesota’s most exciting boxers. With devastating knockout power as the backbone behind his "boxer/puncher" style, this light heavyweight brings a great show to ring every time. "I’m a newly disciplined boxer" says Lindquist, " I used to be more eager to rush in and knock the guy out, but now when I run into stiffer competition I have to set it up." Not just ‘the Wolfman’s boxing style has changed in the last couple of years for him however. Overcoming a deadly addiction to methamphetamine that started ten years ago when he did one line at a party. One line then turned into 9 years of the drugs consuming his life, binging for weeks at a time. Because of the way he lived he was in and out of jail and treatment and has "taken some crushing defeats in the ring." But now he has turned his life around and Lindquist says owes a big part of that to John Hoffman, the director of the ACR Boxing club in Anoka. John saw a friend in need and lent a hand. "It was just no way to live", says Lindquist, "so John sat me down and said ‘look if you want to devote yourself to boxing, and get your head straight I’m behind you the whole way and lets do it’. And ever since then things have been going great". Marty has now been sober for over a year and has big plans for his boxing future. "Its all about Justice, when you step into the ring you get what you deserve. If you’ve been out screwing around staying up and partying, its going to show in the ring. Johns got me living good, training every single day, staying clean, I come to the gym every day and I go to bed early. There is nothing missing from my training right now."
Before turning pro in the boxing world, his 9-1 amateur career was cut short when he turned pro in kickboxing. "In 1984 I wanted to start kickboxing, and my karate coach Bill Miller, of the Professional Karate Studios, said before I did that(kick box) I had to start boxing." He thrived in the boxing ring as a youngster, so he did not limit himself to just one sport. " I did them both," says Marty, "I applied what I learned in karate about boards and bricks to jaws and ribs!" Lindquist fought professionally as a kick boxer from 1986-2002 but has given it up so he can focus on boxing along.
The next move for ‘The Wolfman’ will happen May 1st when he and Kwan Manassah will battle at Spikers in Fridley when they will square off in the Main Event. This isn’t the first time Marty and Kwan have faced off. Early in 1998 when Lindquist was at a low point in his life, he and Manassah battled at Treasure Island Casino. "We fought on a Friday night and I was up since the previous Thursday. He put it to me good, he knocked me senseless." But Lindquist wants a shot at redemption. "Its more personal for me, to kind of erase that from my record. Its going to be different, I’ve spent a long time drawing back the bow and now I’m ready to let the arrow fly!" This self described "hungry" boxer, says he remembers Kwan Manassah as being "tough and ready to fight." But it didn’t seem to discourage him when asked what his prediction for the bout was going to be, he said he’s gonna give a "good solid whoopin!"
The bout is sure to be a great one when these two clash on Mayday, the Marty Lindquist that showed up in 1998 is not the same person thats going to show up in 2004. Lindquist says "I owe it all to John Hoffman and the ACR Boxing club and thats the real deal!"

* Greg Lowe is a ring announcer for both professional and amateur shows around the state of Minnesota. If you are interested in contacting Greg about doing your show or have a question about the story he can be reached at .